Reference: B/A/L30


Reference: B/A/L31


Reference: B/A/L32

War Crimes

Reference: B/A/L33


Reference: B/A/L34


Reference: B/A/L35

Medical Supplies

Reference: B/A/L36

Food Rationing

Reference: B/A/L37

Arms and Ammunition

Reference: B/A/L38

Priorities for dealing with German Fortifications

Reference: B/A/L3/1

Date: May 15th 1945 - May 17th 1945

Clearance of slipways for the gathering of seaweed

Reference: B/A/L3/2

Date: May 20th 1945 - May 25th 1945

Damage caused by the Germans to properties belonging to the Société Jersiaise at La Hougue Bie, and the Museum Courtyard

Reference: B/A/L3/4

Date: July 2nd 1945 - July 2nd 1945

Request for railway lines to be removed from the property of Miss Luce, Les Hêtres, St Peter

Reference: B/A/L3/3

Date: June 11th 1945 - June 11th 1945

Impassable roads in St Ouen due to German works in the area

Reference: B/A/L3/5

Date: January 2nd 1946 - February 1st 1946

Report from the La Collette House conference re. work to be undertaken by the military forces

Reference: B/A/L3/6

Date: January 7th 1946 - January 9th 1946

Payment to the U.K. treasury for rehabilitation work completed by P.O.W's and Military Authorities

Reference: B/A/L3/7

Date: January 31st 1946 - March 21st 1946

Enquiry from the Office of the High Commissioner for India into pensions received from Indian Revenues by persons resident in Jersey

Reference: B/A/L30/1

Date: May 28th 1945 - June 4th 1945

List of India Office pensioners in Jersey

Reference: B/A/L30/2

Date: May 25th 1945 - June 4th 1945

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