Repatriation of Swiss subjects in Jersey and Guernsey to Switzerland

Reference: B/A/W68/1

Date: July 28th 1940 - July 31st 1940

Request from Mr Charles Norman Le Mercier, Moulin de Pol, St Saviour born in Montreal to return to New York

Reference: B/A/W68/2

Date: September 20th 1940 - November 7th 1940

Return to Jersey of Dr Labesse, includes a letter written by Dr Labesse after his deportation from the Hotel Moderne, Laval, Mayenne

Reference: B/A/W68/3

Date: October 29th 1940 - May 13th 1942

Permit to travel to Guernsey for business reasons for Edward George Osborne, Three Mile House, Maufant, accountant and factory manager of the Jersey Tobacco Company Ltd

Reference: B/A/W68/4

Date: September 18th 1940 - May 15th 1944

Request from Malcolm S Maclaren, Hughendean, Mont Felard, St Lawrence, that his fiancée Madelaine Lygrisse be allowed to come to Jersey from Dijon, France

Reference: B/A/W68/5

Date: May 23rd 1941 - June 7th 1941

Travel permit for Henri Duval, La Caumine, Avenue du Petit Mont, St Helier, to travel to France and then return to Jersey. Whilst in France M. Duval hopes to visit his Sugar Factory and various factories to see if it is possible to obtain supplies for Jersey

Reference: B/A/W68/6

Date: June 20th 1941 - September 30th 1941

Request for a travel permit for Mr Yves Marie Illien to travel to Caen and Paris to obtain a supply of cycles and accessories. After this request was denied the Vice President of the Jersey Cycle Traders Association, Peter Perrio applied for a travel permit for the Paris and Seine Region for the same purpose

Reference: B/A/W68/7

Date: June 27th 1941 - September 15th 1942

Travel permit for Frederick William Kalber a representative of De Gruchy and Brasford, 4 St Clements Road to purchase Dried Fruit, Fuit Pulp, Pectin and other essentials for jam manufacture.

Reference: B/A/W68/8

Date: July 29th 1941 - June 7th 1943

Travel permit for Mr Maurice Beghin to collect footwear purchased by coupons

Reference: B/A/W68/9

Date: September 6th 1941 - September 6th 1941

Travel permit for Marie Therese Eugeine Labasse to travel to France to obtain chemical supplies

Reference: B/A/W68/10

Date: September 8th 1941 - September 8th 1941

Request for the return of her son Ernest Pierre Marie Le Guillou from France to Jersey from Marie Le Guillou, Roseland Cottage, St Saviour, and for the return from France of Marcel Jean Luis Rouault husband of Mrs Adeline Rouault, 15, Wellington Park, St Saviour

Reference: B/A/W68/11

Date: September 27th 1941 - October 31st 1941

Travel permit for George Pooley to travel to France as the representative of the Jersey Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants Association

Reference: B/A/W68/12

Date: October 25th 1941 - October 25th 1941

Travel permit for Leon Lucien Louis Dubras to travel to France as the representative of the Joint Chemists and Hairdressers Trade Panels

Reference: B/A/W68/13

Date: October 25th 1941 - November 10th 1943

Request from Mr L Robert, 5, King Street, St Helier for two assistant hairdressers to be brought from France

Reference: B/A/W68/14

Date: November 7th 1941 - November 13th 1941

Return of Aimé Blanc and Robert Pierre Navarre brought from France to work for the German Military Forces to France.

Reference: B/A/W68/15

Date: January 10th 1942 - January 10th 1942

Request from Reginald Victor Burnell, La Colomberie Guest House, 36, Colomberie to visit his parents in Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W68/16

Date: May 18th 1942 - May 18th 1942

Correspondence re. list of people to have emigrated from Jersey the beginning of the Occupation till July 1942. Two pages transferred to Aliens Office files D/AP/K/3

Reference: B/A/W68/17

Date: July 13th 1942 - July 13th 1942

Travel permit for the Reverend Théodule Maré to travel to France to import articles for religious purposes including; communion wine and candles

Reference: B/A/W68/18

Date: July 24th 1942 - July 24th 1942

Request from Mrs Lilian Maud Herivel, née Le Riche that she be allowed to return from occupied France to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W68/19

Date: June 24th 1942 - December 4th 1942

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