Roles des Etats

Reference: C/A8

States minutes, first dated entry 10 September 1603

Reference: C/A1/1

Date: September 10th 1603 - May 11th 1615

States minutes, with oath on first page Includes loose in front of the volume: Articles against John Herault, Bailiff, by Phillip Lempriere and Ellias de Carteret, Procureur in Jersey, 13 June 1620, concerning the Bailiff's dispute with the Governor at the States meeting on 1 April 1620 and over the presentation of the Dean's credentials and the Bailiff's powers at the same meeting.

Reference: C/A1/1A

Date: November 24th 1643 - July 28th 1651

Date: June 13th 1620

States minutes

Reference: C/A1/2

Date: October 13th 1660 - April 22nd 1681

States minutes, oaths at the beginning of the volume

Reference: C/A1/3

Date: June 20th 1681 - August 30th 1698

States minutes, including index Including loose in volume: Transcript of States minutes 7 November 1883 concerning enlargement of the quay 'de l'ancienne chausee', in St Helier with [copy?] note from Major General H Wray, the Lieutenant Governor, stating that he does not consider the matter of sufficient importance to exercise his right of veto, 13 November 1883

Reference: C/A1/20

Date: February 4th 1880 - January 31st 1884

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/19

Date: April 8th 1874 - January 30th 1880

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/30

Date: January 15th 1925 - April 11th 1929

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/29

Date: March 18th 1920 - May 22nd 1924

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/21

Date: February 4th 1884 - January 23rd 1888

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/18

Date: March 29th 1867 - March 25th 1874

States minutes

Reference: C/A1/4

Date: December 8th 1698 - June 1st 1745

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