Plan of La Route de Ste Catherine from Archirondel to Anneport

Reference: D/AL/A1/21

Date: 1854 - 1863

Plan of La Route de Quennevais, Mont à la Brune junction, Jersey Electricty Company

Reference: D/AL/A1/1546

Date: 1938 - 1938

Plan of footpath at La Pulente to Petit Port

Reference: D/AL/A1/987

Date: 1940 - 1940

Plan of La Grande Route de Trinity. Road survey in front of Church

Reference: D/AL/A1/46

Date: 1870 - 1870

Plan of Le Pont du Val road widening

Reference: D/AL/A1/1526

Date: 1934 - 1934

Plan of the Esplanade. Survey of road to Albert Pier

Reference: D/AL/A1/617

Date: 1938 - 1938

Plan of Snow Hill, St Helier. Survey of area and sections

Reference: D/AL/A1/1248

Date: 1931 - 1931

Plan of Albert Pier, St Helier - dredging depths

Reference: D/AL/A1/1613

Date: 1931 - 1931

Plan of La Rue des Buttes, St Mary. Road widening near Post Office

Reference: D/AL/A1/537

Date: 1937 - 1937

Plan of Overdale Hospital. Coloured plans of layout

Reference: D/AL/A1/3

Date: 1909 - 1913

Plans of Overdale Hospital. Plans of nurses home

Reference: D/AL/A1/367

Date: 1936 - 1936

Plans of La Route de la Trinity. Embankment near Trinity School

Reference: D/AL/A1/265

Date: 1935 - 1935

Plan of La Route de Longueville. Road improvement from Georgetown east

Reference: D/AL/A1/28

Date: 1863 - 1863

Plans of Government House

Reference: D/AL/A1/2464

Date: 1960 - 1980

Plan of La Route du Port. Road widening

Reference: D/AL/A1/245

Date: 1934 - 1934

Plan of Public Convenience, Snow Hill.

Reference: D/AL/A1/846

Date: 1969 - 1969

Plan of La Route du Port, St Peter. Road widening, Jubilee Hill to St Mary's Road

Reference: D/AL/A1/683

Date: 1938 - 1938

Plans of the Police Court

Reference: D/AL/A1/2457

Date: 1966 - 1966

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