Department of Agriculture proposed order 'Harvesting of Grain Crops (Fire Precautions) (Jersey) Order, 1941'

Reference: D/AP/T/1

Date: 1941 - 1941

Details regarding vouchers issued to the parishes during the occupation for fuel and new shillings; tobacco rations for Alderney and stocks of shoes

Reference: D/AP/T/2

Date: 1941 - 1944

Amounts authorised for payment by the Department of Labour (indexed)

Reference: D/AP/T/3

Date: February 1st 1941 - January 22nd 1944

Copy letter from the Feldkommandant Colonel Schumacker to Feldkommandnant 722, Saint Lô regarding the allocation of supply ships for the Channel Islands. Copy letter from the Department of Agriculture to the Bailiff, A M Coutanche regarding the production of milk in the Island and statistics of stocks of potatoes, pork, chickens and rabbits.

Reference: D/AP/T/4

Date: April 16th 1941 - April 16th 1941

Date: April 28th 1941

States Greffe File re. Transport and Communications during the occupation, includes correspondence between the Bailiff, the Department of Transport and Communications, Jersey Motor Traders Association, Department of Essential Commodities, the Department of Agriculture, the States Greffe and the Jersey Medical Society re. the price and availability of petrol

Reference: D/AP/T/5

Date: June 22nd 1940 - December 27th 1945

States Greffe Transport and Communications miscellaneous file. Includes correspondence between the Attorney General's Chambers, Office of the Special Administrator, Department of Transport and Communications, States Greffe, Department of Essential Commodities, States Cattle Depot and the Superior Council. Plan of the location of the store belonging to Mrs N Mallet, next to the Seascale Hotel, Gorey Pier.

Reference: D/AP/T/6

Date: June 24th 1940 - August 16th 1945

States Greffe Department Transport and Communications file re. Fishing

Reference: D/AP/T/7

Date: June 30th 1941 - August 15th 1941

States Greffe Department Superior Council miscellaneous file. Includes correspondence regarding income tax, fire brigade personnel, public health, compensation claims and rent payments

Reference: D/AP/T/8

Date: July 5th 1940 - December 22nd 1943

States Greffe Transport and Communications Department - Army of Occupation miscellaneous correspondence file. Includes correspondence regarding traffic signs, fire fighting equipment at the airport and spare car parts.

Reference: D/AP/T/9

Date: September 2nd 1940 - February 10th 1944

States Greffe Department, Transport and Communications file - correspondence regarding requisitioning of cars

Reference: D/AP/T/10

Date: September 21st 1940 - February 7th 1941

Department of Essential Commmodities 'correspondence held up and not forwarded to our office in Grainville' regarding imports of food and other items into the Island

Reference: D/AP/T/11

Date: February 2nd 1944 - June 8th 1944

Liberation file includes correspondence regarding the celebration of the first anniversary of liberation day: special liberation composition performance by the Jersey Symphony Orchestra, liberation celebrations including a firework display, membership of the Liberation Committee and Evening Carnival Sub-Committee. Correspondents include the Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the Salvation Army

Reference: D/AP/T/12

Date: February 7th 1946 - June 18th 1946

Photocopy of a letter from Guy Porter, London to Lefroy regarding his evacuation experience from Jersey prior to the arrival of the German troops. Photocopy of the Third Order relating to measures against the Jews, as it appeared in the Evening Post.

Reference: D/AP/T/13

Date: June 23rd 1940 - June 23rd 1940

Date: April 26th 1941

Programme: Jersey Symphony Orchestra Liberation concert with Tudor Davies held at the Forum

Reference: D/AP/T/14

Date: May 5th 1946 - May 5th 1946

Department of Transport and Communications minutes relating to the period of German Occupation

Reference: D/AP/T/16

Date: 1940 - 1942

Details of Red Cross shipments to Jersey. Includes lists of items delivered to the island by the Red Cross.

Reference: D/AP/T/17

Date: 1945 - 1945

Miscellaneous German orders and Notices issued during the Occupation

Reference: D/AP/T/18

Date: 1940 - 1945

Application forms and permits issued during the Occupation

Reference: D/AP/T/19

Date: 1940 - 1945

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