Telephone Directories

Reference: D/AR/A

Company Records

Reference: D/AR/B


Reference: D/AR/C

Legal Records

Reference: D/AR/D

Publicity Records

Reference: D/AR/E


Reference: D/AR/F

Jersey Telecoms

Reference: D/AR

Miscellaneous lists

Reference: D/AR/A4

Policies and Licences

Reference: D/AR/B1


Reference: D/AR/C1


Reference: D/AR/D1


Reference: D/AR/E2

List of telephone subscribers number 2. Issued January 1924. Includes trades directory.

Reference: D/AR/A1/2

Date: 1924

List of telephone subscribers number 21. Issued September 1933. Includes trades directory.

Reference: D/AR/A1/21

Date: 1933 - 1933

List of telephone subscribers number 22. Issued March 1934. Includes trades directory.

Reference: D/AR/A1/22

Date: 1934 - 1934

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