Directorate Filing

Reference: D/AU1/A1

Internal audit committee, minutes and correspondence

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/1

Date: August 26th 1997 - October 28th 1998

Audit Committee - Review of Agricultural Loan Schemes

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/2

Date: July 15th 1997 - July 15th 1997

Defence Audit Committee - Review of Police, Surgeons and Medical Dental and Optical payments

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/3

Date: August 15th 1997 - August 15th 1997

Education Audit Committee - Review of the Library Service

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/4

Date: September 19th 1997 - September 19th 1997

Postal Audit Committee - Post implementation review of the staff restaurant

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/5

Date: September 25th 1997 - September 25th 1997

Education Audit Committee - Review of the Commercial Arm of Highlands College

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/6

Date: November 5th 1997 - November 5th 1997

States of Jersey risk management strategy

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/7

Date: November 24th 1997 - November 24th 1997

Report entitled Resource Accounting and Budgeting in the States of Jersey

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/8

Date: November 30th 1997 - November 30th 1997

Finance and Economics Committee - Information systems audit - Millennium Debtors and Cash Receipting and Hamlet Loans System

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/9

Date: 1997 - 1997

States Audit Commission - strategy and business plan

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/10

Date: 1998 - 2000

Control of capital expenditure - issued by the Controller of Audit

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/11

Date: July 24th 1998 - July 24th 1998

States Audit Commission - Review on advertising

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/12

Date: September 30th 1998 - September 30th 1998

Control of capital expenditure - issued by the Controller of Audit

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/13

Date: September 17th 1998 - September 17th 1998

Control of capital expenditure - issued by the Controller of Audit

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/14

Date: September 25th 1998 - September 25th 1998

States of Jersey Treasury - Disaster recovery plan

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/15

Date: November 30th 1998 - November 30th 1998

Health and Social Services Audit Committee - Review of Ambulance Service phase 2

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/16

Date: December 30th 1998 - December 30th 1998

Audit Committee minutes and correspondence, includes Public Services Department - Fleet Management Services Section

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A2/17

Date: 1996 - 1997

States audit correspondence

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A3

Date: November 16th 1994 - December 7th 1998

Financial Directorate correspondence with the Attorney General

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/A4

Date: January 7th 1991 - March 9th 1992

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