Will and Testament of William Allan Black of Grey Gables, St Aubin, St Brelade. Desires to be cremated. Bequeaths to his wife, Mary Campbell Black, jewellery, clothing and personal effects. Dated 24/11/1950. Codicil Added 27/02/1951. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/1

Date: March 20th 1951 - March 20th 1951

Will and Testament of Marie Françoise Victorine Marsouin daughter of Pierre of St Helier. Dated 18/02/1946. Codicil Added 19/10/1946. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/2

Date: March 21st 1951 - March 21st 1951

Will and Testament of Anne Esther Amy née Hubert of High View, St Peter. Dated 04/09/1950. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/3

Date: March 27th 1951 - March 27th 1951

Will and Testament of George Le Gros of Rondes Portes, St Saviour and then of Goodwood, St Saviour. Dated 28/04/1923. Codicil Added 07/03/1951. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/4

Date: March 27th 1951 - March 27th 1951

Will and Testament of Annie Blanche Caroline Sullivan, née Poe, of 6, Windsor Crescent, Val Plaisant, St Helier. Bequeaths to Henry Rupert Fiennes Sullivan 6, Windsor Crescent. Dated 20/08/1935. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/5

Date: March 31st 1951 - March 31st 1951

Will and Testament of Emmeline Maud Binet née Renouf, of White Lodge, Grosvenor Street, St Helier. Bequeaths to Mabel Le Gresley, widow of Charles Stephen Renouf, a snaffle curb bracelet and oil painting by de Martino, to Doris Rose Blampied wife of Philip Louis de Faye the tallboys which belonged to her grandmother, the drawing room clock, six silver spoons, a platinum and gold curb bracelet and a sapphire and diamond ring, to Roy Charles Blampied a mahogany linen press and six silver dessert spoons, to Bertram Liott Blampied a grandfather clock, six silver forks, a silver milk jug, an oak armoire and oak box seat, a chest of drawers and a Louis XV commode, to Philip Louis de Faye an antique mahogany card table and chinese laquer blanket box, to Madge Blampied a diamond brooch and ring, to Winnie Blampied a pair of silver candlesticks and two stone cross over dimond ring, to Michael Blampied a silver milk jug, to Peter Blampied a silver mustard pot, to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary £200, to Elsie Labey, née Le Blancq a small silver basket, to Donald Bond a convertible oak hall seat. Dated 04/03/1946. Codicil Added 25/10/1947. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/6

Date: March 31st 1951 - March 31st 1951

Will and Testament of Edward Owen Obbard, a Commander in HM Royal Navy. Dated 15/07/1943. [Includes one closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/8

Date: April 2nd 1951 - April 2nd 1951

Will and Testament of John Edward Hocquard of Washington Lodge, St Clement. Desires to be buried in the family grave in St John's Cemetery. Bequeaths to Cornelia Hurley, née Hocquard, 27 shares in the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, USA and bonds for £200 of British War Loan Three and a half per cent, to Ada Elizabeth Simon, née Hocquard, wife of Philip John Simon, his jewellery, silver and plate, clothing and personal ornaments, to Lilian Eliza Blampied, née Gruchy, wife of Adolphus Joshua Blampied, his household furniture and linen and to Adolphus Joshua Blampied a steel fireproof safe. Dated 22/01/1944. [Includes one closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/9/9

Date: April 2nd 1951 - April 2nd 1951

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