Reference: F/E/M

Don Barreau

Reference: F/E/M1

Don Falla

Reference: F/E/M2

Don Gruchy

Reference: F/E/M3

General Correspondence

Reference: F/E/M4

Julia Westaway

Reference: F/E/M5

Don Vautier

Reference: F/E/M6

Cash Book of the Don Barreau Trust Fund including details of persons applying to the fund for assistance

Reference: F/E/M1/1a

Date: February 1st 1929 - December 3rd 1990

Receipts for items purchased from the Don Barreau during 1950

Reference: F/E/M1/2

Date: 1950 - 1950

2 annotated pro-forma letters from the executors of the will of the late Emmeline Augusta Barreau

Reference: F/E/M1/1

Date: December 7th 1927 - December 1st 1928

Receipts for items purchased from the Don Barreau during 1952

Reference: F/E/M1/3

Date: 1952 - 1952

Receipts for items purchased from the Don Barreau between 1945 and 1951

Reference: F/E/M1/4

Date: 1945 - 1951

Cash book of the Don Falla Trust, giving details of payments to individuals and an extract from the testament of Emma Rachel Touzel widow of James Falla [volume contains 2 war bonds]

Reference: F/E/M2/1

Date: November 1st 1923 - May 31st 1933

Account book of the Don Gruchy, detailing payments to individuals

Reference: F/E/M3/1

Date: November 7th 1925 - July 31st 1978

Copy of the testament of the late Jeanne Gruchy daughter of the late Jean Gruchy and the late Jeanne Baudains his wife. Wishes to by enterred in the Cemetery of St John, she leaves the sum of 1728 Livres Argent Selon of old French currency to the poor of St John, together with 44 Livres to be shared between the 12 parishes and distributed at the discretion of her executor. She also makes numerous personal financial bequests to family members.

Reference: F/E/M3/2

Date: January 25th 1848 - January 25th 1848

Bail et Vente between Jean Dumaresq son of William of the first party and the Reverend Samuel Wright Rector of the Parish of St John, Philippe Gibaut Constable, Josue Blampied and Philippe Pinel Procureurs du Bien Public and Philippe Gruchy and Philippe Nicolle Surveillans of the parish, acting in consequence of the donation made in the testament of the late Jeanne Gruchy for the benefit of the poor of the parish of St John.

Reference: F/E/M3/3

Date: January 25th 1848 - January 25th 1848

3 copies of an accord between the Rector, Constable, Procureurs du Bien and Surveillants of the Parish of St John otherwise known the committee in charge of the administration of the Don Gruchy for the said parish of the first party and Edgar Joshua Simon and Philip Josué Romeril of the second party. Relates to a Bail à termage for the span of 5 years, on a piece of land called the Clos du Sud, measuring 6 vergees, 5 perches and 9 pieds, for the price of £15 annually. [as the term of this lease is for a period of less than 9 years it has not been registered]

Reference: F/E/M3/4

Date: November 7th 1950 - November 7th 1950

Envelope containing correspondence relating to the Don Barreau, Don Falla and Don Vautier, including 2 bank books and a share certificate

Reference: F/E/M4/1

Date: 1946 - 1970

Part of an incomplete document relating to the distribution of aid accross the island during 1917 [portion containing details of the fund that this relates to is missing]

Reference: F/E/M4/2

Date: 1917 - 1917

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