Roads Correspondence

Reference: F/K/C12

Correspondence, estimates and plans relating to work to be undertaken on a retaining wall at La Grande Route des Moulins, St Peter

Reference: F/K/C12/1

Date: November 22nd 1910 - January 18th 1912

Correspondence relating to work on the redirection of water at Val de la Mare undertaken by the Roads Committee from Francis J Le Brun, James Huelin and Alfred J Martin

Reference: F/K/C12/2

Date: March 26th 1912 - March 26th 1912

Correspondence relating to work on the road surface at Beaumont and the damage caused by drains

Reference: F/K/C12/3

Date: April 27th 1912 - May 7th 1912

Receipt to Mr T G Le Cappelain for the sum of £37, 10s for defaulting on work on the road in the Vingtaine de Douet in 1937

Reference: F/K/C12/4

Date: January 27th 1938 - January 27th 1938

Correspondence and papers relating to the ceding of property from land owners to the Parish of St Peter for the purpose of widening the road at Val de la Mare

Reference: F/K/C12/5

Date: November 1st 1938 - November 21st 1938

Report of a meeting at the Alexandra Hotel between Winter Le Lievre Egré, Constable and representative of the Roads Committee and Fred Webber Clarke, the owner of the Alexandra Hotel and Lyndon Rive his solicitor noting the location of two boundary stones being placed on the property to mark the limits between the Hotel and the public roads

Reference: F/K/C12/6

Date: October 1st 1953 - October 1st 1953

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