Reference: G/B/C

Marriage Registers

Reference: G/B/E

Livre des Visites

Reference: G/B/B1

St Anastase School

Reference: G/B/C1

St Manelier School

Reference: G/B/C2

Ecclesiastical Court Marriage Register [A sample of entries from this register have been checked against parish records and the same details are recorded in both records]

Reference: G/B/E/1

Date: 1810 - 1819

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book

Reference: G/B/A1/1

Date: 1557 - 1567

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book

Reference: G/B/A1/2

Date: September 11th 1623 - September 23rd 1633

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book

Reference: G/B/A1/3

Date: September 30th 1633 - December 14th 1640

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book-Volume 1

Reference: G/B/A1/4

Date: December 14th 1663 - May 23rd 1698

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book-Volume 2. This volume has been indexed, scanned and attached as 5 PDF files. Consult index to find date and description of case and locate case entry in relevant PDF file

Reference: G/B/A1/5

Date: June 6th 1698 - June 7th 1725

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book-Volume 3

Reference: G/B/A1/6

Date: June 25th 1725 - July 28th 1744

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book-Volume 4

Reference: G/B/A1/7

Date: October 8th 1744 - June 18th 1764

Ecclesiastical Court Roll Book-Volume 5 [Missing from Series]

Reference: G/B/A1/8

Date: 1764 - 1788

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