St Mark's Parish

Reference: G/C/01/A

St Mark's Clergy

Reference: G/C/01/B

St Mark's Churchwardens

Reference: G/C/01/C

St Mark's Church Rooms

Reference: G/C/01/D

St Mark's Miscellaneous

Reference: G/C/01/F

St Mark's Registers

Reference: G/C/01/G

St Mark's Insurance

Reference: G/C/01/H

St Mark's Church

Reference: G/C/01

Printed and handwritten copy of the Fundamental Rules of St Mark's Church

Reference: G/C/01/A/1

Date: 1906 - 1906

Note concerning the conditions upon which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners would consider making St Mark's a separate ecclesiastical district and signed declarations of the proprietors to surrender their pews

Reference: G/C/01/A/2

Date: 1915 - 1915

Notes of resolutions made at proprietors' meeting with sketch plans on dorse, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/A/3

Date: 1850 - 1900

Minute book of the annual meeting of the proprietors of pews includes lists of proprietors, 1842 - 1916, also includes from 1917 onwards Meetings of St Mark's Congregation, Meetings of the Advisory Finance Committee of St Mark's Church, Meetings of the Parochial Church Council and Vestry Meetings

Reference: G/C/01/A/5

Date: July 5th 1842 - July 12th 1957

Order of Service for the service to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the transfer of ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the Channel Islands from the Diocese of Coutances to the Diocese of Winchester with the participation of the Right Reverend Michael Scott-Joynt, Bishop of Winchester and Monsignor Jacques Fihey, Bishop of Coutances and Avranches

Reference: G/C/01/A/6

Date: February 14th 1999 - February 14th 1999

Joseph Edward Pagett's licence as curate

Reference: G/C/01/B/1

Date: December 23rd 1908 - December 23rd 1908

Edward Moor's licence as curate

Reference: G/C/01/B/2

Date: December 26th 1910 - December 26th 1910

Certified copy of instrument regulating the right to nominate a minister for St Mark's

Reference: G/C/01/B/3

Date: January 11th 1917 - January 11th 1917

Notification of assignment of district chapelry and surrender of patronage from the Dean of Jersey to the Bishop of Winchester

Reference: G/C/01/B/4

Date: February 21st 1917 - February 21st 1917

Correspondence with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners concerning the need to increase the stipend

Reference: G/C/01/B/5

Date: July 6th 1917 - April 14th 1932

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