St Mark's Clergy

Reference: G/C/01/B

Joseph Edward Pagett's licence as curate

Reference: G/C/01/B/1

Date: December 23rd 1908 - December 23rd 1908

Edward Moor's licence as curate

Reference: G/C/01/B/2

Date: December 26th 1910 - December 26th 1910

Certified copy of instrument regulating the right to nominate a minister for St Mark's

Reference: G/C/01/B/3

Date: January 11th 1917 - January 11th 1917

Notification of assignment of district chapelry and surrender of patronage from the Dean of Jersey to the Bishop of Winchester

Reference: G/C/01/B/4

Date: February 21st 1917 - February 21st 1917

Correspondence with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners concerning the need to increase the stipend

Reference: G/C/01/B/5

Date: July 6th 1917 - April 14th 1932

Copy of request for increased grant to be made to the living from the Clergy Sustentation Fund

Reference: G/C/01/B/6

Date: October 22nd 1918 - October 22nd 1918

Plans of St Mark's vicarage by Dennis H A Nursey of Grouville, including site, floor and elevation plans, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/B/7

Date: 1900 - 1940

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