St Mark's Churchwardens

Reference: G/C/01/C

Proprietors' accounts including at dorse an account for garden adjoining the church, 1844-1846, and for new organ, 1867-1869

Reference: G/C/01/C/1

Date: August 6th 1842 - December 31st 1892

Proprietors' accounts, with illustration of the church on the cover

Reference: G/C/01/C/2

Date: January 24th 1893 - December 20th 1909

Miscellaneous church bills and receipts including receipts for rents, bills for painting the church, the organ, ringing the bells, lunch for the bishop, sale of pews, purchase of a lectern and a bible etc

Reference: G/C/01/C/3

Date: 1842 - 1871

Note of supposed debts of the church

Reference: G/C/01/C/4

Date: October 7th 1844 - October 7th 1844

Printed annual accounts of the warden with list of pew owners on the dorse

Reference: G/C/01/C/5

Date: 1906 - 1907

Statement of the financial position of all organisations in connection with St Mark's, with a list of requirements for 1926

Reference: G/C/01/C/6

Date: December 31st 1925 - December 31st 1925

Investments certificates in War and Government Stock

Reference: G/C/01/C/7

Date: 1923 - 1925

Bundles of miscellaneous bills and receipts

Reference: G/C/01/C/8/1

Date: 1936 - 1937

Offertory accounts

Reference: G/C/01/C/9

Date: 1844 - 1846

Printed copy of the Fundamental Rules and Original Distribution of the Pews

Reference: G/C/01/C/10

Date: October 16th 1844 - October 16th 1844

Pew allotment and transfer book with index

Reference: G/C/01/C/11

Date: 1844 - 1914

Printed accounts of the Proprietors of the pews and agendas

Reference: G/C/01/C/13

Date: 1912 - 1915

List of pews belonging to the Robin family and accounts for pew rents

Reference: G/C/01/C/14

Date: 1890 - 1893

Trust deed for Robin family pews and any others given to the church for its gift

Reference: G/C/01/C/15

Date: June 1st 1904 - June 1st 1904

Receipts for Mr F E Balleine's pew rents

Reference: G/C/01/C/16

Date: 1911 - 1912

List of seats planned in the church, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/C/17

Date: 1840 - 1845

Printed plan of pews

Reference: G/C/01/C/18

Date: 1844 - 1844

Plan of church pews indicating proprietors

Reference: G/C/01/C/19

Date: 1900 - 1900

Bail à fin d'héritages by John Phillips to Pierre Hemery and Philippe Le Gallais of a piece of land in the Fief de Collette des Augrés for the erection of a church. Registered Livre 178, folio 220

Reference: G/C/01/C/20

Date: July 16th 1842 - July 16th 1842

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