Ecclesiastical Assembly

Reference: G/C/12/B

St John's Church - Plans

Reference: G/C/12/C

St John's Church

Reference: G/C/12

St John's Church - Banns

Reference: G/C/12/A8

Minutes of the Ecclesiastical Assembly

Reference: G/C/12/B/1

Date: October 14th 1822 - January 18th 1866

Minutes of the Ecclesiastical Assembly

Reference: G/C/12/B/2

Date: April 12th 1866 - November 30th 1964

Visitors Book

Reference: G/C/12/D/1

Date: April 11th 1971 - August 12th 1973

Visitors Book

Reference: G/C/12/D/2

Date: July 15th 1978 - July 22nd 1978

Visitors Book

Reference: G/C/12/D/3

Date: September 9th 1985 - May 6th 1988

Visitors Book

Reference: G/C/12/D/4

Date: April 12th 1992 - September 17th 1998

Plan of St John's Church, Jersey by C de Gruchy, Architect, Heathfield Lodge, Wandsworth Common, London, SW 18. Plan of current Scale 8 foot to 1 inch

Reference: G/C/12/C/1

Date: January 1st 1921 - January 1st 1921

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