Reference: H/C/A

Baptism Registers

Reference: H/C/A1

Marriage Registers

Reference: H/C/A2

Burial Registers

Reference: H/C/A3

Confirmation Registers

Reference: H/C/A4

Indexes to Baptisms

Reference: H/C/A6

Cemetery Receipts

Reference: H/C/A7

Marriage certificates

Reference: H/C/A8

Registers of Soldiers

Reference: H/C/A9

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/1

Date: September 22nd 1872 - July 23rd 1893

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/2

Date: November 30th 1893 - August 11th 1907

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/3

Date: August 18th 1907 - August 6th 1916

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/4

Date: August 27th 1916 - December 7th 2003

Marriage Register

Reference: H/C/A2/1

Date: February 1st 1881 - January 22nd 1914

Marriage Register

Reference: H/C/A2/2

Date: February 11th 1914 - April 12th 1951

Marriage Register

Reference: H/C/A2/3

Date: April 14th 1951 - October 5th 1996

Burial Register [Includes details of grave plots in burial entries and at back of book with plan at the front and loose at the back]

Reference: H/C/A3/1

Date: February 15th 1878 - January 23rd 1992

Confirmation Register

Reference: H/C/A4/1

Date: September 16th 1883 - July 2nd 1939

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