Reference: H/E/A

Baptism Registers

Reference: H/E/A1

Marriage Registers

Reference: H/E/A2

Baptism Register

Reference: H/E/A1/1

Date: March 17th 1901 - February 25th 1951

Baptism Register [duplicate details of H/E/A1/1]

Reference: H/E/A1/2

Date: March 17th 1901 - April 7th 1940

Baptism Register [Three entries in the name of Kelly, Seguss and Moreux in 1947 and then starts again in March 1951]

Reference: H/E/A1/3

Date: August 24th 1947 - May 30th 1965

Marriage Register

Reference: H/E/A2/1

Date: October 1st 1947 - October 5th 1996

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