Reference: J/C/D/A

French Circuit Registers

Reference: J/C/D/B


Reference: J/C/D/C

Schedules and Statistics

Reference: J/C/D/D


Reference: J/C/D/E

Church records

Reference: J/C/D/F


Reference: J/C/D/G


Reference: J/C/D/H


Reference: J/C/D/J

Youth Reports

Reference: J/C/D/K

Legal Reports

Reference: J/C/D/L

Grove Place Circuit local preachers (Predicateurs Locaux) minute book

Reference: J/C/D/A/1

Date: May 25th 1885 - September 8th 1910

Grove Place Circuit quarterly meeting minutes

Reference: J/C/D/A/2

Date: July 5th 1886 - December 5th 1940

French Circuit school rules and Committee minutes

Reference: J/C/D/A/3

Date: November 20th 1888 - November 1st 1907

French Circuit Sunday School council minutes

Reference: J/C/D/A/4

Date: February 27th 1892 - March 18th 1922

Grove Place Circuit Local Preachers meeting minutes

Reference: J/C/D/A/5

Date: December 8th 1910 - September 5th 1946

French Circuit Sunday School Council minute book

Reference: J/C/D/A/6

Date: April 26th 1922 - January 4th 1941

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