Five Oaks Chapel

Reference: J/C/R


Reference: J/C/R/A

Trustees Treasurers account book for Five Oaks Chapel

Reference: J/C/R/A/1

Date: 1923 - 1925

Vente, cession et abandon de droits Seigneuriaux between Adolphus Arnold Coutanche, procureur (attorney) for Charles Janvrin Robin, Ecr. Seigneur of the Fief de Grainville, of the first party and Alfred Gulliver, James Henry Dart Potter, Henry Webber, Percy Vivian Cooke, Henry Albert Dupré, John Edwin Peter Davey, John William Dart, Thomas Ernest Le Cornu, James Adolphus Pearce, Arthur James Sarchet, Philip Baudains, John Ernest Mourant and Walter Francis Filleul, Trustees of the English Methodist Circuit, of the second party. Records the abandonment by 1, of all seigneurial rights to be claimed from 2. The compensation of 3 pounds sterling is to be paid by 2.

Reference: J/C/R/B/2

Date: January 30th 1904 - January 30th 1904

Act of the Royal Court passing land held by the Trustees of the English Methodist Circuit to the Superintendent of the English Methodist Circuit. The land is located in the Fief de Grainville, in St Saviour.

Reference: J/C/R/B/3

Date: August 12th 1903 - August 12th 1903

Condition of Sale for Five Oaks Mission Hall, drawn up by Oliver Mourant. Includes a description of the location of the Hall and the conditions of sale.

Reference: J/C/R/B/4

Date: 1925 - 1925

Tender and acceptance letter from P B Jouanne, the purchaser of Five Oaks Mission Hall.

Reference: J/C/R/B/5

Date: 1925 - 1925

Certificate of consent from Amos Burnet, president of the Methodist Conference for the sale of Five Oaks Chapel.

Reference: J/C/R/B/6

Date: 1925 - 1925

Notes on the legal and administrative history of Five Oaks Chapel

Reference: J/C/R/B/7

Date: 1857 - 1923

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