Reference: J/C/S/C

Letter from Philip Bree requesting permission to preach at Galaad Chapel on the 70th anniversary of his preaching career.

Reference: J/C/S/C/1

Date: July 25th 1960 - July 25th 1960

Letter from Reverend Reginald Bailey to Donald Picot, thanking him for sending a booklet

Reference: J/C/S/C/2

Date: April 17th 1974 - April 17th 1974

Correspondence relating to Galaad chapel property and details of the extension scheme

Reference: J/C/S/C/3

Date: 1976 - 1976

Correspondence from Galaad Chapel giving details of the service to re-dedicate and re-open the chapel.

Reference: J/C/S/C/4

Date: 1958 - 1958

Correspondence from National Children's Home thanking Galaad Chapel for their donation.

Reference: J/C/S/C/5

Date: January 23rd 1974 - January 23rd 1974

Correspondence from Galaad Chapel relating to their Junior Guild

Reference: J/C/S/C/6

Date: November 8th 1958 - November 8th 1958

Correspondence file mainly relating to Galaad Methodist Church buildings and finances

Reference: J/C/S/C/7

Date: 1991 - 2003

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