Reference: J/H/A

Financial Records

Reference: J/H/D

Lands and Building

Reference: J/H/E

General Church Papers

Reference: J/H/F


Reference: J/H/G

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/1

Date: June 13th 1853 - April 22nd 1870

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/2

Date: May 6th 1870 - February 16th 1898

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/3

Date: March 2nd 1898 - January 1st 1939

Communicants' Roll Book

Reference: J/H/B/1

Date: 1925 - 1956

Communicants' Roll Book [Communicants listed to 1982 - attested in 1983]

Reference: J/H/B/2

Date: 1956 - 1983

Death Certificates

Reference: J/H/C1

Burial Certificates

Reference: J/H/C2

Treasurer's Book - Accounts for the Presbyterian Church

Reference: J/H/D/1

Date: April 26th 1878 - December 31st 1920

Bond between Philip de Carteret Le Cornu, Clifford George Blampied, Henry Le Feuvre Grant, William Robson, Charles Thomas du Feu, William Laurens, Thomas Walter Baird, John Peter Cameron, George Elijah Croad, Sydney Raoul Lempriere, junior and Gilbert King Richmond representing the Presbyterian Church of the first party and John James Waugh of the second party. The bond records the loan of £900 from 2 to 1.

Reference: J/H/D/3

Date: September 16th 1939 - September 16th 1939

Correspondence between Arthur E Baddeley and John James Waugh regarding a loan to be borrowed in order to complete Jersey Presbyterian Church Manse in La Pouquelaye. Includes a draft of an agreement between the two parties and an article concerning the provision of a house for the minister of the church.

Reference: J/H/D/2

Date: October 9th 1938 - September 16th 1939

Securities held for a loan on account of the Presbyterian Church, Midvale Road.

Reference: J/H/D/4

Date: February 9th 1933 - January 22nd 1934

Deeds and Contracts

Reference: J/H/E2

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