General Church Papers

Reference: J/H/F


Reference: J/H/F1

Personnel Contracts

Reference: J/H/F2

Licence granted by the Superintendent Registrar, John Patriarche Ahier, giving permission to perform marriage ceremonies in the building known as the Scotch Church in Midvale Road

Reference: J/H/F1/1

Date: August 8th 1860 - August 8th 1860

Offer of the job of organist at the Jersey Presbyterian Church made by John James Waugh and accepted by G M Behoe. Includes details of G M Behoe's contract and starting arrangements.

Reference: J/H/F2/1

Date: February 14th 1940 - February 15th 1940

Letter from Reverend Thomas McKenzie Fraser to the Committee of the Free Church of Scotland, St Helier rejecting the call to stand as a candidate to become pastor of the Free Church of Scotland in St Helier against Reverend James Stewart.

Reference: J/H/F3/1

Date: March 29th 1852 - March 29th 1852

Letter from Peter Hope, Clerk of the Presbytery of Lockerbie, confirming the ordination of Reverend James Stewart to the Congregation of St Helier. Includes an extract of the minutes from the Presbytery of Lockerbie confirming this fact which was to be read from the pulpit to the congregation.

Reference: J/H/F3/3

Date: September 22nd 1852 - September 23rd 1852

Letter from Reverend J Bonar confirming the acceptance of the Colonial Committee of the ordination of Reverend James Stewart to the Congregation of St Helier and his lodging of the case with the Clerk of the Presbytery of Lockerbie to complete matters.

Reference: J/H/F3/2

Date: August 16th 1852 - August 16th 1852

List of people who signed the call to pastorship of the Reverend James Stewart

Reference: J/H/F3/4

Date: 1852 - 1852

Letter from James Begg giving advice to the Presbyterian Church in St Helier on how and in who's name to buy a site for the new church.

Reference: J/H/F3/5

Date: February 10th 1853 - February 10th 1853

Extract from the minute of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland placing the congregation of St Helier under the authority of the Presbytery of Edinburgh.

Reference: J/H/F3/6

Date: May 31st 1853 - May 31st 1853

List of communicants worshipping at the Temperance Hall, St Helier on the 5th June 1853 under the guidance of Reverend H McBryde Brown.

Reference: J/H/F3/7

Date: June 5th 1853 - June 5th 1853

Historical account of origin and progress of the Presbyterian Church in St Helier until 1853.

Reference: J/H/F3/8

Date: 1853 - 1853

Letter from John Grant to the Deacon's Court of the Free Church Congregation in St Helier regarding the state of the church and the possible removal to a new church

Reference: J/H/F3/9

Date: November 28th 1853 - November 28th 1853

Letters from Mr J Balfour of the Colonial Committee regarding the payment of the expenses of Mr Grant when he visited St Helier.

Reference: J/H/F3/10

Date: December 22nd 1853 - March 14th 1854

Letter from James Crawford confirming the sending of a set of Acts of his General Assembly

Reference: J/H/F3/11

Date: October 18th 1854 - October 18th 1854

Letter from Mr D Duncan regarding the financial affairs of the late Reverend James Stewart of the Congregation of St Helier and the proposal of building a memorial to his memory.

Reference: J/H/F3/12

Date: September 30th 1854 - September 30th 1854

Extract from a minute of the Presbytery of Edinburgh regarding the calling of a new minister for the Presbyterian Church in St Helier.

Reference: J/H/F3/13

Date: April 16th 1856 - April 16th 1856

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