The Plans 1944 - 1945

Reference: L/C/14/A

Joint Outline Plan S H A E F directives - includes directives issued concerning the Channel Islands during Operation Overlord, May- June 1944 and S H A E F comments on the Nestegg Plan, 5 Oct 1944

Reference: L/C/14/A/2

Date: 1944 - 1944

Operation Nestegg tonnage bids and outline maintenance policy

Reference: L/C/14/A/4

Date: February 14th 1945 - February 14th 1945

Joint Outline Plan for former Operation Rankin addressed to Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander from the Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command and the Air Officer Commanding No 10 Group Royal Air Force

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/1

Date: December 19th 1943 - December 19th 1943

Military plan: appreciation of the situation by Force Commander Operation Rankin (1 March much amended) 2 copies

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/2

Date: June 25th 1944 - June 25th 1944

Joint Outline Plan contents

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/3

Date: November 20th 1944 - November 20th 1944

Joint Outline Plan introduction

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/4

Date: November 20th 1944 - November 20th 1944

Joint Intelligence summary including information on German defences and military organisation, Todt and other imported workers, property occupied by the Germans, location of stores, stocks and ammunition

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/5

Date: June 13th 1944 - June 13th 1944

Naval Plan 7 September 1944 updated 4 May 1945

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/6

Date: October 7th 1944 - October 7th 1944

Military Plan including public relations plan, some amendments

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/7

Date: September 7th 1944 - September 7th 1944

Royal Air Force Plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/8

Date: August 31st 1944 - August 31st 1944

Civil Affairs Plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/9

Date: September 7th 1944 - September 7th 1944

Joint Signal Plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/1/10

Date: September 7th 1944 - September 7th 1944

Basic civil affairs directive, June 1944

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/1

Date: May 31st 1944 - May 31st 1944

Operations Instructions No 1 including surveys of civil administration, public utilities and communications, June 1944

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/2

Date: May 31st 1944 - May 31st 1944

Plan for emergency feeding

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/3

Date: 1944 - 1944

Supplies plan including sample ration coupons

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/4

Date: 1944 - 1944

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