Letter from the Captain and Chief Secretary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to Alexander Coutanche offering him the "Queen Victoria" Silver Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of services to animal welfare in Jersey

Reference: L/C/200/B1/1

Date: March 22nd 1939

Papers relating to the visits to Jersey of the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) in June 1935 and of Princess Margaret in July 1959. Includes letters of thanks, dinner invitations, police pass, and photograph of Alexander Coutanche with the Prince of Wales.

Reference: L/C/200/B1/2

Date: July 20th 1935 - June 29th 1959

Red Cross messages sent between A M [Alexander] Coutanche, Clos des Tours, St Aubin, and John Coutanche [his son], Westcott House, Sherborne, Dorset.

Reference: L/C/200/B1/3

Date: July 27th 1942 - July 21st 1943

Two Letters from ‘Henry’ (sent from Government House, Canberra, 30 October 1943 and York House, St James’ Palace, 4 April 1962) regarding Alexander Coutanche's involvement with the St John’s Ambulance association

Reference: L/C/200/B1/4

Date: October 30th 1943 - April 4th 1962

Correspondence between Alexander Coutanche in Jersey and A J Sherwill, British Camp Senior at Laufen Internment Camp (formerly Guernsey's Attorney General). Includes letters dated 22 November 1943 and 4 April 1944, and an illustrated post card from Christmas 1943.

Reference: L/C/200/B1/5

Date: November 22nd 1943 - April 4th 1944

Letters written to Alexander Coutanche from England during the Occupation and delivered after the Liberation. Includes one from Herbert du Parcq dated 25 June 1944 accompanied by a covering letter dated 19 May 1945, and one from C G Markbreiter dated 10 October 1944.

Reference: L/C/200/B1/6

Date: June 25th 1944 - May 19th 1945

Naval Messages sent and received on behalf of Alexander Coutanche on and following Liberation day, May 1945

Reference: L/C/200/B1/7

Date: May 9th 1945 - May 11th 1945

Letter from Herbert du Parcq, Royal Courts of Justice, to Alexander Coutanche, 15 May 1945, and envelope marked with "Government Hospitality" addressed to "Sir Alexander Coutanche, Home Office, Whitehall, SW1"

Reference: L/C/200/B1/8

Date: May 15th 1945 - 1946

Letter of congratulations on the Liberation of Jersey from German occupation sent to Alexander Coutanche. Presumed to be from Archbishop of York Cyril Garbett [previously Bishop of Winchester, which included Jersey in its diocese]

Reference: L/C/200/B1/9

Date: May 15th 1945

Items relating to the Liberation of Jersey from German Occupation belonging to Alexander Coutanche. Includes invitations to Government House, sentry post and harbour passes, and illustrated Liberation card and "Birthday wishes" postcard

Reference: L/C/200/B1/10

Date: May 8th 1945 - June 25th 1945

Letters from Home Secretary Herbert Morrison and C S Markbreiter of the Home Office, and copy of a statement made to the House of Commons reporting on the visit undertaken by Morrison and Parliamentary Under-Secretary Lord Munster to the Channel Islands on May 15 1945

Reference: L/C/200/B1/11

Date: May 5th 1945 - May 17th 1945

Three letters from Field-Marshall the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein to Alexander Coutanche thanking him for hospitality during visits to Jersey and for the gift of a copy of Coutanche's memoirs of the Occupation, 1947-1965

Reference: L/C/200/B1/12

Date: May 26th 1947 - November 30th 1965

Letters of thanks from Lady Erskine regarding a party, dated November 15 1959, and from Sir George Erskine, Lieutenant-Governor, regarding Alexander Coutanche’s resignation as Bailiff, dated 25 October 1961

Reference: L/C/200/B1/13

Date: November 15th 1959 - October 25th 1961

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