Occupation Papers

Reference: L/C/258/A

Date: 1940 - 1943

Notice outlining restrictions in place with effect from 23 May 1940 relating to enemy aliens aged 16 to 59, including: weekly reporting to the Aliens Office, ban on the use of private motor vehicles and bicycles, curfew hours, and acquiring written consent of the Chief Aliens Officer prior to changing registered address.

Reference: L/C/258/A/1

Date: May 23rd 1940 - May 23rd 1940

Contract signed by Major Demmler regarding the employment of Karl Greier as an interpreter at Field Command 515 with effect from 12 August 1940. Includes details of terms of employment including clothing to be worn, working hours, monthly salary, notice and benefits.

Reference: L/C/258/A/2

Date: September 15th 1940 - September 15th 1940

Certificate signed by Major Demmler certifying that Karl Greier, interpreter, of 19 Samares Avenue, St Clement be allowed to keep his Philipps radio set.

Reference: L/C/258/A/3

Date: November 13th 1940 - November 13th 1940

Certificate issued by the Paymaster of Field Command 515 regarding the payment of seven daily food worker rates to each of the following: Helmüt Vogel, Karl Speker [crossed through], Anton Weber, Karl Greier, Hans Iser, Johann Hürban and Walter Wurster. States that those listed have been sent to Paris for medical reasons.

Reference: L/C/258/A/4

Date: June 3rd 1941 - June 12th 1941

Temporary identification card issued by the Commandant of Greater Paris authorising [Karl Adalbert] Greier to stay in the city centre from 5-11 June 1941

Reference: L/C/258/A/5

Date: June 5th 1941 - June 5th 1941

Licence issued by the English Harbour Master authorising Karl Greier to enter the Harbour on business or if employed there. Includes photograph.

Reference: L/C/258/A/6

Date: July 16th 1941 - July 16th 1941

Registration form issued to Karl Greier, hair stylist, granting him a residence permit from 30 March 1942 until further notice in St Veit an der Glan, Karten [Carinthia]. Includes dates of renewal of Mr Greier's registration.

Reference: L/C/258/A/7

Date: March 30th 1942 - October 12th 1943

War order signed by Field Commandant Knackfuss ordering Karl Greier of 19 Samares Avenue, St Clement to report immediately to the Ritz Hotel, St Helier in the event of an attack.

Reference: L/C/258/A/8

Date: June 11th 1942 - June 11th 1942

Certificate signed by Dr Casper for the Field Commandant confirming that Karl Greier of 19 Samares Avenue, St Clement has permission to own a radio receiver set. Also notes that permission to listen to the radio extends to Mr Greier and his immediate family members.

Reference: L/C/258/A/9

Date: June 20th 1942 - June 20th 1942

Registration form issued by the Commandant of Greater Paris to Karl Greier, hair stylist, of 19 Samares Avenue granting him a residence permit between 13-15 September 1943 for the purpose of reporting to the military command post at Ausland, Schalter 21, Paris.

Reference: L/C/258/A/10

Date: September 13th 1943 - September 15th 1943

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