Letter from an unidentified person at Rossmore, Vallee-des Vaux to Major-General E H Willis, Westlands, St Brelade; relates to the Jersey Defence Volunteers and includes an appreciation of the defence situation in Jersey, the strength of the force required to defend the Island from air attacks, and the number of men available for defence

Reference: L/C/55/B/1

Date: May 27th 1940 - May 27th 1940

Letter from H H Johnson, Central Group Commander of the Jersey Defence Volunteers to Major-General E H Willis, Area Commander of the Jersey Defence Volunteers; tenders his resignation as Central Group Commander

Reference: L/C/55/B/2

Date: June 10th 1940 - June 10th 1940

Series of telegrams to the Major General Harrison, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey relating to the evacuation of the Island and the withdrawal of the Forces and the Lieutenant Governor; includes telegrams from the Commander in Chief, Portsmouth, the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey, the Home Office and Searail

Reference: L/C/55/B/3

Date: June 16th 1940 - June 20th 1940

Letter from G M McCleverty, Major-General, for the Director of Mobilisation, the War Office to the General Officer Commanding Troops in the Jersey District; relates to men to be called up under the National Service (Jersey) Law, 1940

Reference: L/C/55/B/4

Date: June 17th 1940 - June 17th 1940

Letters from the Headquarters of the Jersey District to the Harbour Master in Jersey and the Captain of No 1 Ferry Boat in St Aubin's Bay, re. the arrival of No 1 Ferry at the Pier Station

Reference: L/C/55/B/5

Date: June 19th 1940 - June 19th 1940

Letter from H S Bowlby, Captain in the Royal Navy on HMS Philante to Major-General Harrison, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey; relating to the evacuation of the Lieutenant Governors of Jersey and Guernsey on HMS Philante

Reference: L/C/55/B/6

Date: June 20th 1940 - June 20th 1940

Lists of military persons to be evacuated on the train ferry - not dated

Reference: L/C/55/B/7

Date: May 31st 1940 - May 31st 1940

States of Jersey Airport Message Form containing a telegram from the Commander in Chief, Portsmouth to HMS Sabre relating to the fact that St Malo is still in French hands and the possible evacuation of troops - not dated

Reference: L/C/55/B/8

Date: May 31st 1940 - May 31st 1940

Envelope with the war cabinet's decision to demilitarise the Island of Jersey handwritten on the back, from Major General Percival, written down by Lieutenant Governor Harrison - not dated

Reference: L/C/55/B/9

Date: June 19th 1940 - June 19th 1940

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