Papers concerning Fiefs

Reference: L/C/65/A


Reference: L/C/65/G

Family Contracts

Reference: L/C/65/B

Fief de la Fosse

Reference: L/C/65/A1

Fief de Lecq

Reference: L/C/65/A2

Fief de Nobretez

Reference: L/C/65/A3

Fief de Niemes

Reference: L/C/65/A4

Fief de Vingt Livres

Reference: L/C/65/A6

Fief de la Hague

Reference: L/C/65/A7

Fief du Buisson

Reference: L/C/65/A8

Extracts from the Minutes of the Comite des Chemins, St Peter concerning roads in the vicinity of La Hague Manor, written by Charles Philip Le Cornu, includes typewritten extracts in English

Reference: L/C/65/F/1

Date: April 8th 1807 - November 8th 1860

Note to the inhabitants of the Vingtaine du Coin Varin concerning work on the Ruelle du Presbytère

Reference: L/C/65/F/2

Date: July 4th 1811 - July 4th 1811

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