Reference: L/C/66/B1

Volumes of Land Measurement

Reference: L/C/66/B2

Copies of documents relating to the Alienation of Trinity Manor and Fief

Reference: L/C/66/B1/1

Date: 1908 - 1909

Case to advise and opinion of the Jersey Law Officers of the Crown in the alienation of Trinity Manor

Reference: L/C/66/B1/2

Date: 1908 - 1908

Petition of Graves Chapman Swan of Trinity Manor to the King's Most Excellent Majesty requesting the King's permission to grant, alienate, sell and convey the Fief and Manor of Trinity to John Athelstan Laurie Riley. Permission is granted by the King

Reference: L/C/66/B1/3

Date: March 2nd 1909 - March 2nd 1909

Volume containing a measurement of the lands of Philippe Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity made by Aaron de Veulle, 15/02/1779 - 19/02/1779. Also contains leases of land belonging to the Seigneur from 1787 - 1816

Reference: L/C/66/B2/1

Date: 1779 - 1816

Aveux listing tenants holdings on the Fief and Seigneurie de la Trinité

Reference: L/C/66/B3/1

Date: May 22nd 1816 - November 3rd 1863

List of properties on the Fief and Seigneurie de la Trinité taken from the aveux, includes and annotated map of the fief

Reference: L/C/66/B3/2

Date: 1863 - 1904

Measurement of the Clos de la Croix [Trinity?] by Pierre Le Breton, arpenteur after a lease in perpetuity of the land from Amyce de Carteret to Estienne Regnouf

Reference: L/C/66/B4/1

Date: October 8th 1650 - October 8th 1650

Agreement between Clement Le Cousteur and Charles de Carteret of the first party and Raulin Robin on behalf of his wife, Philippe Journeaux procureur of Elizabeth de Carteret and Nicollas Journeaux on behalf of his wife of the second party. Concerns money owed by the second party to the first party. Includes a list of debts due to certain individuals.

Reference: L/C/66/B4/2

Date: March 25th 1697 - March 25th 1697

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