Genealogy of Jean de la Taste of Jazenne and Sara or Marie Garnier his wife covering six generations from 1675 - 1831

Reference: L/C/73/C/1

Date: July 18th 1831 - July 18th 1831

Extract of the baptism of Sarra Garnier, daughter of Abraham Garnier and Marie Rondeau his wife

Reference: L/C/73/C/2

Date: August 1st 1675 - August 1st 1675

Extract from the baptism register of the Church of Notre Dame, Jazenne of the baptism of Jean son of de la Taste and Sara Garnier, extract from the marriage register of the same Church of the marriage of Jean de la Taste and Marie Garnier

Reference: L/C/73/C/3

Date: February 26th 1697 - March 24th 1701

Manuscript copy of an article that appeared in the Westminster Magazine concerning the life of Isaac Barré Esquire

Reference: L/C/73/C/4

Date: September 30th 1782 - September 30th 1782

Notice of the funeral of Marie-Elisabeth de la Taste widow of Jean-Célestin Gillis

Reference: L/C/73/C/5

Date: January 18th 1829 - January 18th 1829

Note of the Genealogy of Mellish de la Taste and family by P Bremond d'Ars

Reference: L/C/73/C/6

Date: June 3rd 1831 - June 3rd 1831

Copy of an article concerning Captain R de la Taste

Reference: L/C/73/C/7

Date: February 12th 1867 - February 12th 1867

Invitation to the marriage of Eugene de St Germain, Captain in the 8th Hussars, Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur and Isuare de Cumont

Reference: L/C/73/C/8

Date: April 24th 1872 - April 24th 1872

Notice of the death of Marie-Etrope-Mélanie de Sartre de Vénérand de Bremond d'Ars

Reference: L/C/73/C/9

Date: November 28th 1873 - November 28th 1873

Notice of the death of Marie-Anne-Claire de Guitard de la Borie de Rioux de Bremond d'Ars

Reference: L/C/73/C/10

Date: February 26th 1875 - February 26th 1875

Invitation to the christening of Suzanne daughter of Monsieur and Madame A de Brétinauld

Reference: L/C/73/C/11

Date: April 10th 1882 - April 10th 1882

Notice of the death of Roméo de la Taste

Reference: L/C/73/C/12

Date: May 18th 1882 - May 18th 1882

Invitations to the marriage of Paul Julien Laferrière and Anne Brudieu

Reference: L/C/73/C/13

Date: November 11th 1884 - November 11th 1884

Notice of the death of Anne-Marie-Elisabeth de Brémond d'Ars widow of Louis-Auguste Dumorisson

Reference: L/C/73/C/14

Date: November 14th 1893 - November 14th 1893

Invitation from Monsieur and Madame Antony Reverdy to the christening of their daughter Cécile

Reference: L/C/73/C/17

Date: January 8th 1891 - January 8th 1891

Biography of General Comte Théophile-Charles de Bremond d'Ars, Chevalier of St Louis, Commander of the Légion d'honneur. Born at Sainte on the 24/11/1787. Contains articles and copies of funeral speeches

Reference: L/C/73/C/18

Date: March 12th 1875 - March 12th 1875

Biography of Guillaume-Joseph, Marquis de Bremond d'Ars, General and officer of the Légion d'honneur. Born in Saintes 19/03/1810. Contains articles and copies of funeral speeches

Reference: L/C/73/C/19

Date: January 23rd 1894 - January 23rd 1894

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