Plans 1902-1971

Reference: L/F/08/E


Reference: L/F/08/G

Letter from George Carteret to Monsieur de Sanmares at Castle Cornet, Guernsey. The letter expresses the hope that he will soon hear of a great charge in England; The Scots are treating with the King and took away by violence money from parliament.

Reference: L/F/08/H/1

Date: January 27th 1645 - January 27th 1645

Mary Grimsha's bill for cleaning Charles II rooms for 20 weeks. Signed by Charles II. Also included typed notes by M R Toynbee relating to the historical context of the bill.

Reference: L/F/08/H/2

Date: February 12th 1650 - February 12th 1650

Petition to the Prince of Wales [Later Charles II] signed by 16 signatories assuring him of their loyalty to him. (Not dated)

Reference: L/F/08/H/3

Date: 1648 - 1649

Report on the Jersey Militia relating to the discipling of Thomas Anquetil. Includes translation of the report.

Reference: L/F/08/H/4

Date: August 22nd 1747 - August 22nd 1747

Letter from John Huske to the Board of Ordanance relating to the militia. Also refers to a Dutch ship carrying the plague

Reference: L/F/08/H/5

Date: January 8th 1752 - January 8th 1752

Book belonging to Jean Renouf containing details on the militia and rules for the militia. Also contains notes on the Battle of Jersey, the appearances of French and English Fleets in Channel Islands waters, the declaration of war on France in 1756 the declaration of war on Spain in 1765 and the declaration of George II as King.

Reference: L/F/08/H/6

Date: 1744 - 1781

List of Gunboats sailing from France for the projected invasion of the Channel Islands. Includes details of the amount of canons and names of the captains. Includes translation. [Date taken from translation]

Reference: L/F/08/H/9

Date: February 17th 1794 - February 17th 1794

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