Reference: L/F/58/F

Lottery Tickets from the Public Lottery of the Island of Jersey, later the Jersey States' Lottery which was drawn at West Park Pavilion - includes a newspaper cutting of the results of the lottery drawn at the Pavilion

Reference: L/F/58/A/1

Date: December 14th 1793 - August 24th 1966

Receipts from J Willcox, Linen and Woollen Draper. Haberdasher, Hosier, Glover & Laceman, 23, Beresford Street, St Helier to Miss Ann Rowland

Reference: L/F/58/A/2

Date: November 14th 1854 - June 3rd 1879

Receipt from E King

Reference: L/F/58/A/3

Date: October 12th 1861 - October 19th 1861

Receipt from Francis Fisher to Miss Roulan for items concerning bonnets

Reference: L/F/58/A/4

Date: May 23rd 1866 - November 1st 1866

Receipts from Thos Messervy, Simon Place, St Helier, Depot for the best Harton Wallsend Coals, Coke, Cement etc. to Miss Rouland [Roulan/Roulant]

Reference: L/F/58/A/5

Date: September 9th 1869 - October 15th 1880

Receipt from William le Duc to Miss Roulant [Roulan]

Reference: L/F/58/A/6

Date: January 29th 1870 - January 31st 1870

Receipt from J Esnouf

Reference: L/F/58/A/7

Date: July 19th 1879 - July 19th 1879

Receipt from J J Marett, Sunderland, Hartlepool and Newcastle Coal and Coke Depot, 9, Don Road, St Helier to Miss Rouland, Le Coie

Reference: L/F/58/A/8

Date: June 7th 1886 - June 7th 1886

Receipt from Pierre Guillaume, Copper Smith and Brazier, 24, New Street, St Helier

Reference: L/F/58/A/9

Date: September 17th 1886 - October 25th 1886

List of funeral items including alcohol with prices

Reference: L/F/58/A/10

Date: 1892 - 1892

Receipt from E Filleul to Miss Julué Rouland

Reference: L/F/58/A/11

Date: 1898 - 1899

Parchment Certificate of Discharge from the No 9 Battalion 10 Bac R I Regiment of Artillery of Gunner Thomas Smith dated and signed at Guernsey - indicates that he spent almost 7 years serving in India

Reference: L/F/58/B/1

Date: June 20th 1879 - June 20th 1879

Parchment Certificate of Service of Thomas Henry Smith, Royal Marines of St Helier attached to the Plymouth Division. Includes list of rank, company, name of division and ships, character and medals awarded

Reference: L/F/58/B/2

Date: August 8th 1898 - August 14th 1913

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