Reference: L/F/75/B

Copy of audio tape of the Irish folk rock band 'Run for Cover' with Ernie Mallett (drums and percussion), Roy Mallett (gutiar and vocals), Terri O'Donoghue (fiddle) and Matt Bougourd (bas guitar / vocals) and Matt Hind (bodhran). Recorded at St Bernadettes, St Brelades

Reference: L/F/75/B/1

Date: 1999 - 1999

Aquila Youth Centre

Reference: L/F/75/B1

Synergy Nightclub

Reference: L/F/75/B39

Blue Note Bar

Reference: L/F/75/B6

Buddha Bar

Reference: L/F/75/B8

The Earl Granville

Reference: L/F/75/B41

Bar Rio

Reference: L/F/75/B4

Museum Brasserie

Reference: L/F/75/B27

Jersey Heritage

Reference: L/F/75/B18

The Living Legend

Reference: L/F/75/B25

Bridge Bar

Reference: L/F/75/B7

The Harvest Barn

Reference: L/F/75/B43

Inn on the Park

Reference: L/F/75/B17

St Matthew's Church Hall

Reference: L/F/75/B37


Reference: L/F/75/B9

Folies D'amour/Platinum

Reference: L/F/75/B30

Havana Club

Reference: L/F/75/B15


Reference: L/F/75/B14

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