CD containing a copy of Lord Coutanche's Narrative relating to the background of Amy Marguerite Filleul who left a considerable bequest to the National Trust for Jersey on her death in 1968. The CD also includes comments on Dudley Filleul as Lord Coutanche's Best Man, F de L Bois' introduction to the tape, F de L Bois on A M Filleul's family tree and property contracts, F de L Bois on the dress of Mrs and Marguerite Filleul and Dudley Filleul, F de L Bois revisions (genealogy and property), F de L Bois quotation from the report for 1968 to 1969 of the National Trust for Jersey which concerned the A M Filleul bequest.

Reference: R/11/A/1/1

Date: August 20th 1969 - August 20th 1969

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