Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Batteries at Anne Port and Nez du Guet at Rozel Bay; arsenal of St Helier; new waterway in St Helier; asiatic cholera; appointment of British consul at Grandville; corn; establishment of a light at Mont Orgueil; trade with Newfoundland; oyster fishery and fishing limits with France including various petitions; petition of William Gould for injuries; maintenance of the poor; port charges; the prison; St Helier parish rate; jurats; the States meeting of 28 May 1833 at which some members of the public were admitted.

Reference: C/A5/2

Date: March 27th 1833 - December 19th 1836

Testament of John Mahaut, planter of Harbour Grace, below Bears Cove, Newfoundland. Dated 09/04/1762

Reference: D/Y/A/10/94

Date: November 15th 1762 - November 15th 1762

Testament of William Priaux of Jersey, now of Newfound[land]. Dated 09/01/1810. Bequeaths to the poor of St Joan £15. Includes seal from William Lilly, Public Notary, Newfoundland

Reference: D/Y/A/18/84

Date: May 19th 1813 - May 19th 1813

Testament of Edward Patten of Newfoundland, now of Jersey. Dated 15/09/1830. Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s.

Reference: D/Y/A/21/73

Date: October 28th 1830 - October 28th 1830

Will and Testament of John Chapman of Sherborne, England, now of Jersey Harbour, Newfoundland. Dated 10/1/1857.

Reference: D/Y/A/31/108

Date: November 16th 1863 - November 16th 1863

Testament of Edwin Chapman of Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, St. Helier. Dated 23/05/1864. Bequeaths to the poor of the General Hospital 2 shillings and 6 pence.

Reference: D/Y/A/32/43

Date: July 18th 1864 - July 18th 1864

Testament of Alfred Thomas Cox of La Poile, Newfoundland, North America, now of St Helier. Dated 16/02/1882

Reference: D/Y/A/43/13

Date: February 5th 1883 - February 5th 1883

Testament of John Malzard of Burin, Terre Neuve, America [Newfoundland, Canada] now of St Aubin, St Brelade. Dated 25/01/1892.

Reference: D/Y/A/58/14

Date: February 16th 1899 - February 16th 1899

Testament of Noah Nicolle of St Helier, Mariner, now of Blackhead, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Dated 10/04/1734

Reference: D/Y/A/7/61

Date: July 29th 1742 - July 29th 1742

Copy from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland of the Act of Probate dated 15 October 1918 and Will and Testament of Philip G Ereaut, Burgeo, Department of Burgeo & La Poile, Newfoundland. Dated 9 March 1918. 3 papers; seal

Reference: D/Y/A/79/60

Date: May 30th 1919

Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce including various articles of the Chamber, minutes of general meetings and annual general meetings and correspondence with Parliament, local dignitaries and the States of Jersey covering subjects including St Helier Harbour, St Aubin's Harbour, wages of seamen, trade with Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Europe and lotteries, list of vessels belonging to Jersey taken by the Enemy, John Dumaresq's journal during his residence in London as an agent for the States of Jersey and a list of staff employed by various Chamber members and a list of their earnings

Reference: L/A/38/A1/2

Date: March 2nd 1785 - March 12th 1800

Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce including minutes of general meetings and annual general meetings and various correspondence with Parliament, local dignitaries and States of Jersey covering subjects including Post Office and shipping, Guernsey Lighthouse, St Helier Harbour articles of membership, articles of membership, donation to Jersey people resident in Canada following a disaster, duty, impôt and revenue, Jersey Mutual Assurance-Mercantile Marine Act, signal posts, telegraph cables, fisheries in Newfoundland, marine insurance terms, oyster fisheries and various vessels destroyed and rescued

Reference: L/A/38/A1/5

Date: July 6th 1844 - March 10th 1868

Photograph of Mr Charles "Charlie" Le Cocq of Beach Side, Rozel, St Martin, one of the last remaining islanders known as "old salts" who sailed to Newfoundland, Central America and the Mediterranean in the late nineteenth century, looking at a painting of the schooner Conqueror, a vessel Mr Le Cocq sailed in, with Jersey Evening Post reporter Mr Brian Le Feuvre on the former's 80th birthday.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/38/3

Date: March 23rd 1957 - March 30th 1957

Subject: Portraits

File number: 38

Page number: 3

Photograph of Mr G R Renouf and his sister Miss M B Renouf, from Newfoundland, Canada, on holiday in Jersey to research their family history talking to Jersey Evening Post reporter Mr Stuart Guillard, and a photograph of an unknown gentleman.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/53/2

Date: March 14th 1962 - May 12th 1962

Subject: Portraits

File number: 53

Page number: 2

Papers relating to the purchase and outset of the Brigantine the Philip bound for Newfoundland under Captain Philip Amy. Gives a detailed breakdown of financial transactions associated with the voyage including £420 for the initial purchase of the vessel and other disbursements. Includes detailed lists of tradesmen who fitted the ship, details of where the cod was sold and the sale of salt at the end of the voyage.

Reference: L/C/112/G1/41

Date: 1761 - 1763

Port charges of the brig Venus, master Philip Gruchy, arrived 9th July from La Poile, Newfoundland with a cargo of fish and resailed from Porto with salt on the 14th July

Reference: L/C/119/C/11

Date: July 13th 1853 - July 13th 1853

Condition report and details of cargo of the brig Venus by the captain Philip Gruchy at La Poile, Newfoundland

Reference: L/C/119/C/12

Date: August 29th 1853 - August 29th 1853

Bill of dues from the British Vice Consulate in Civitavecchia for the brig Venus in Jersey, Philip Gruchy master of the ship, arrived from La Poile, Newfoundland

Reference: L/C/119/C/17

Date: October 19th 1853 - October 19th 1853

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