File on Historical Weapons excluding Insurance. File relates to the purchase, acquisition, renovation and display of weapons and other items of historical interest that are relevant to Jersey from different sources. File is comprised of correspondence between several people including the Public Works Committee, States Treasury, Societe Jersiaise, Museums and Antique companies. Areas of note in the file include details and firearm certificate of a pistol owned by Lillie Langtry; Elizabeth Castle, Mont Orgueil, Fort Regent and Grosnez weaponry; cannons; German vehicles and weaponry and the Ingouville VC.

Reference: D/AL/D1/62/5/1

Date: 1945 - December 31st 1972

Photograph of Lillie Le Breton, later Lillie Langtry

Reference: F/L/W4/10

Date: 1868 - 1868

Photograph of Sir Edward Poynter's painting of Lillie Langtry

Reference: F/L/W4/11

Date: 1878 - 1878

Photograph ofa portrait of Lillie Langtry by Valentine Cameron Prinsep

Reference: F/L/W4/15

Date: 1879 - 1879

Booklet entitled 'Lillie Langtry: The Jersey Lily' by H T Porter and published by the Société Jersiaise about her life

Reference: F/L/W4/22

Date: 1973 - 1973

Certified copy from the General Register Office of the marriage of Lillie Langtry's parents William Corbet Le Breton and Emilie Davis Le Breton, née Martin. Dated 08/07/1842.

Reference: F/L/W4/24

Date: December 19th 1973 - December 19th 1973

Framed piece of glass signed 'Lillie July 29th 1870' by Emelie Charlotte Le Breton, later Lillie Langtry

Reference: F/L/W4/28

Date: July 29th 1870 - July 29th 1870

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