Printed copy of War Memorandum copy number 22

Reference: A/C9/2

Date: 1954 - 1954

Printed copy of Reglements Defence (Jersey) Regulations 1939

Reference: A/C9/1

Date: 1939 - 1939

Application for naturalisation as a British Subject from an individual of Zimbabwean Nationality. File N.1/309

Reference: A/M1/309

Date: January 12th 1984 - December 3rd 1986

Application for naturalisation as a British Subject from an individual of German Nationality. File N.1/399

Reference: A/M1/399

Date: November 17th 1990 - July 28th 1992

Citizens Advice Bureau

Reference: A/V6/6

Date: September 18th 1992 - June 27th 1995

Family Nursing Services (Jersey) Incorporated

Reference: A/V6/7

Date: May 25th 1990 - May 13th 1995

Girl Guide Association, Jersey

Reference: A/V6/9

Date: June 5th 1990 - May 13th 1995

Jersey Homeopathic Association

Reference: A/V6/10

Date: July 19th 1990 - May 17th 1995

Inner Wheel Club of Jersey

Reference: A/V6/11

Date: June 28th 1990 - June 22nd 1995

League of Friends of the Jersey Group of Hospitals

Reference: A/V6/17

Date: June 20th 1990 - April 20th 1995

Papers relating to the visit of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret in 1959

Reference: A/N7/5

Date: April 10th 1959 - June 26th 1959

La Cotte de St Brelade 1961 - 1978 Excavations by C B M McBurney

Reference: AR/C/3

Date: 1986

A Short Provisional Account of Archaeology in Jersey

Reference: AR/C/1

Date: 1979

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Jersey

Reference: AR/C/2

Date: 1979

The Channel Islands - An Archaeological Guide

Reference: AR/J/1

Date: 1981

Jersey in Pre-History

Reference: AR/S/1

Date: 1976

Little Master Stonehenge - A Study of the Megalithic Monument from Le Mont de la Ville, St Helier, Jersey

Reference: AR/H/1

Date: 1985

Jersey in Prehistory

Reference: AR/P/1

Date: 1987

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