Account book, includes; accounts for coal licences, accounts for ship passes, general accounts of dues to the Governor, accounts for dues for Mediterranean papers, accounts for certificates, accounts for certificates of the registry of vessels, accounts of poultry dues, rent for the King's Meadows in St Saviour and St Clement. rent for the King's Warren at Mont Orgueil, accounts of licences for vessels to trade with France, 1809 - 1813, accounts for import certificates

Reference: A/B/1

Date: 1806 - 1826

Ledger of Lieutenant Governor's accounts with the Treasury, includes; copy letters concerning accounts and summaries, 1816 - 1840, annual contingent accounts, 1824 - 1829, report of inspections of garrison battalions by Governor Halket

Reference: A/B/2

Date: 1816 - 1842

Accounts of financial assistance given to Spanish and Italian refugees living in Jersey by the British Government, with list of recipients, includes; copies of letters from Colonel H Touzel to Major General Lord Fitzroy Somerset concerning the same

Reference: A/B/3

Date: 1828 - 1831


Reference: A/D3

Miscellaneous Files

Reference: A/D2

Papers relating to suspected enemy aliens, the Censorship Office and the Aliens Registration Office [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/1

Date: August 17th 1914 - October 9th 1915

Papers relating to suspected enemy aliens, the Censorship Office and the Aliens Registration Office

Reference: A/E/2

Date: October 15th 1915 - August 5th 1916

Correspondence and papers relating to the Military Service Act and the contribution to the cost of war by the States of Jersey

Reference: A/E/3

Date: September 30th 1914 - July 20th 1918

Correspondence and papers including; papers from the censorship office concerning Kayser and Zimmerman, chemists and their activities, papers relating to an Italian, Licito Groacchio and others accused of spying, correspondence concerning the Censorship Office, private telegraph stations, interpreters, and papers relating to the protection of the interests of German subjects in Jersey.

Reference: A/E/4

Date: August 4th 1914 - August 4th 1919

Correspondence relating to enemy aliens and prisoner of war agricultural workers, includes lists of same and where they were employed. An indexed has been created and attached by name of persons mentioned.

Reference: A/E/5

Date: October 31st 1916 - March 16th 1919

Papers relating to the Defence of the Realm Act and the call up of soldiers, includes later amendments

Reference: A/E/7

Date: August 4th 1914 - June 10th 1921

Proclamations and orders from the Home Office concerning the Exportation Prohibition Acts and related correspondence

Reference: A/E/9

Date: August 4th 1914 - April 13th 1921

Air Raid Precautions correspondence and papers, including circulars from the Home Office

Reference: A/F/1

Date: July 9th 1935 - December 28th 1939

Copies of Acts of the Royal Court in response to German Orders and war arrangements [Indexed]

Reference: A/F/2

Date: July 1st 1940 - November 11th 1947

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