Papers relating to the Licensing Assembly/Licensing Bench consisting of the Lieutenant Governor, the Bailiff and Jurats

Reference: A/D1/L10

Date: January 6th 1902 - November 20th 1986

Newscuttings and papers relating to the celebration of Liberation Day

Reference: A/D1/L11

Date: March 11th 1946 - June 30th 1946

List of liberators and army personnel invited to the 40th anniversary celebration of Liberation Day, includes forms with names of army personnel, rank and unit of liberating force, special task at time of Liberation, and specific memories of the liberation of the Island

Reference: A/D1/L11/1

Date: March 19th 1985 - January 26th 1989

Papers relating to the Channel Islands division of the Royal Naval Reserve

Reference: A/D1/R32

Date: January 15th 1883 - September 3rd 1965

Government House archives, lists, enquiries and deposit of older documents with the Société Jersiaise

Reference: A/D1/A24

Date: May 29th 1913 - February 15th 1989

Correspondence relating to archives and guidelines for conservation

Reference: A/D1/A24/1

Date: February 1st 1984 - April 24th 1989

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