Closure of road near Beaumont, St Peter

Reference: B/A/W50/88

Date: April 27th 1943 - June 15th 1943

Transfer of the traffic control post at the corner of Church Street and Hill Street to the corner of Bond Street and Mulcaster Street

Reference: B/A/W50/89

Date: May 11th 1943 - May 11th 1943

Request for an allowance for Anita Erika Hotton daughter of Mary Hotton, 104, Great Union Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W50/90

Date: May 12th 1943 - May 18th 1943

Request for allowances for Kenneth and Paulette Bone son and daughter of Mrs Phyllis Bone, Norfolk Cottage, Janvrin Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W50/91

Date: May 17th 1943 - May 21st 1943

Disrespectful crowds at St Ouen's Parish Hall

Reference: B/A/W50/92

Date: June 10th 1943 - June 10th 1943

Danger of accidents to people in the vicinity of the Island Railway Lines

Reference: B/A/W50/93

Date: June 16th 1943 - January 4th 1944

Approval of Field Command required for permits for appeals, collections and money intended to be handed over to charities

Reference: B/A/W50/94

Date: June 23rd 1943 - June 23rd 1943

Closure of a road

Reference: B/A/W50/95

Date: June 28th 1943 - July 2nd 1943

Private pupil dance classes at the Chelsea Hotel, ban of all dancing to be enforced by the police force - later repealed

Reference: B/A/W50/96

Date: August 7th 1943 - September 15th 1943

Request that the police force safeguard the supply stores, includes a list of the location of these stores

Reference: B/A/W50/97

Date: July 8th 1943 - July 8th 1943

Request for information on suspected blackmarketeers; Machon, Clifton Hotel, St Helier, Newey, 12, Charing Cross, St Helier, and Chuness, La Chasse, St Helier (Butcher)

Reference: B/A/W50/98

Date: July 9th 1943 - July 9th 1943

Pleasant Street to be made a one-way street

Reference: B/A/W50/99

Date: July 20th 1943 - July 20th 1943

Request for information about Frank Catelinet, 5 Ann Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W50/100

Date: August 1st 1943 - August 3rd 1943

Request for reorganisation of the Island Police

Reference: B/A/W50/101

Date: July 30th 1943 - August 18th 1943

Burlington Hotel, St Saviour's Road out of bounds to members of the forces

Reference: B/A/W50/102

Date: August 2nd 1943 - August 2nd 1943

Documents relating to the prosecution of Francis Timothy Quinland, 21 Union Street St Helier

Reference: B/A/W50/103

Date: August 9th 1943 - August 13th 1943

Regulations concerning borrowing books from public and private libraries

Reference: B/A/W50/104

Date: August 22nd 1943 - August 22nd 1943

License required under the Tobacco Law (1934) for tobacco plants grown by George de la Haye, Mont a l'Abbe Manor, Mont a l'Abbe

Reference: B/A/W50/105

Date: August 23rd 1943 - September 3rd 1943

Shooting range at Le Bourg, Grouville to be in use on certain days

Reference: B/A/W50/106

Date: August 25th 1943 - August 25th 1943

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