Payment for a caretaker to reside at the Stafford Hotel which has been requisitioned

Reference: B/A/W74/20

Date: November 29th 1943 - November 29th 1943

Payment of wages by the Catering Office to people employed under billeting to be paid by the local administration

Reference: B/A/W74/21

Date: February 8th 1944

Requests from the German Authorities for payments for Occupation costs to be made into an account at Barclay's Bank

Reference: B/A/W74/23

Date: March 10th 1944 - January 8th 1945

Billeting in connection with Government House - kitchen garden to come under billeting for Government House

Reference: B/A/W74/24

Date: January 11th 1945 - January 15th 1945

Wages for employees employed under billeting arranagements whose salaries are paid by the Island Authorities

Reference: B/A/W74/25

Date: March 1st 1945 - March 5th 1945

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