Petition to the King from the Jurats and related papers concerning Order in Council which reverses the decision of the Royal Court on a deed of title

Reference: D/AL/A/1/41

Date: May 16th 1724 - May 16th 1724

Copies of orders for the election of three new Jurats, seal of the Royal Court

Reference: D/AL/A/1/42

Date: 1734 - 1735

Papers relating to legal case concerning the estate of La Hague between the heirs of Philip de Carteret, son of Francis, and Philip de Carteret. Includes: Philip Carteret's appointment of John, Lord Carteret as his attorney, 1737. Letter from Philip Le Geyt to John Anthony Balaquier relating to his observations on the case, with his reply, 1738-1739

Reference: D/AL/A/1/43

Date: 1737 - 1739

Petition to the Right Honourable Earl Granville against HM Procureur, Mr Le Hardy from the Bailiff and Jurats

Reference: D/AL/A/1/44

Date: December 20th 1744 - December 20th 1744

Copy of pleas before itinerant justices in Guernsey concerning de Carteret rights in St Ouen

Reference: D/AL/A/1/48

Date: 1274 - 1322

Copy of extract from roll d'héritage concerning an action between Thomas Lempre and Raulin Trachey relating to land in St Lawrence, St Peter and St Mary

Reference: D/AL/A/1/55

Date: September 21st 1598 - September 21st 1598

Copies of royal grants of office of Custos of the Isles and Bailiff. Includes: Hugh de St Philiberto, 1226; Richard de Gray, 1226; William de St Johne, 1227; John de Roches, 1328, 1330; John Marchaunt, 1329; Hugh de Calvilegh, 1331; Thomas de Ferariis, 1338, 1343; Thomas de Hampton, 1341; John Naufan, 1357; Edmund Rose, 1373; John de St Martin, 1374; Hugh de Cavilegh, 1376; John Golafre, 1387; Edward Duke of Rutland, 1396; John Naufan, 1452, 1457; Richard Harleston, 1477

Reference: D/AL/A/1/56

Date: 1418 - 1418

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