Piers and Harbours

Reference: D/AP/V

Prison Board

Reference: D/AP/W

Privy Council

Reference: D/AP/X

Public Health

Reference: D/AP/Y

Public Services

Reference: D/AP/AA


Reference: D/AP/AB

Rate Lists

Reference: D/AP/AC


Reference: D/AP/AE

States of Jersey

Reference: D/AP/AF

Telephone Committee

Reference: D/AP/AG

Westaway Creche

Reference: D/AP/AH

Customs and Excise

Reference: D/AP/AJ

Cartulaires de Jersey

Reference: D/AP/AK

Postal services

Reference: D/AP/AL

Essential commodities

Reference: D/AP/AM

States Greffe Plans

Reference: D/AP1/A

States Greffe

Reference: D/AP1

Correspondence re. financial arrangements with Guernsey re. wireless and meteorological facilities in the Channel Islands between the Air Ministry, States Office Guernsey and the Bailiff of Jersey

Reference: D/AP/A/1

Date: 1934 - 1934

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