Report on the development of Jersey Airport by Norman, Muntz and Dawbarn

Reference: D/AP/A/2

Date: October 1st 1934 - October 1st 1934

Correspondence re. inspection of St Peter's Airport by air Ministry Representatives re. approval as a Customs Aerodrome

Reference: D/AP/A/3

Date: 1935 - 1937

Opening of the Jersey Airport correspondence re. opening ceremony, programme of events, guest lists, acceptance letters

Reference: D/AP/A/4

Date: January 1st 1937 - March 30th 1937

Copy of plan showing obstructions in the vicinity of the airport. Reports 'Schedules and Rules for the Status of Jersey Airport' approved by the Committee of Piers and Harbours

Reference: D/AP/A/5

Date: March 12th 1938 - March 12th 1938

Report and photographs (taken by John Herbert) of crash of the Jersey Airways aircraft G. - A.C.Z.N known as the 'St Catherine's Bay' at St Peter

Reference: D/AP/A/6

Date: November 5th 1938 - November 14th 1938

Reports on accidents at Jersey Airport correspondence, photographs and newscuttings. Includes copy of magazine 'Jersey Life' 05/01/1939

Reference: D/AP/A/7

Date: 1938 - 1939

Miscellaneous correspondence re. Aerodrome States of Jersey Airport between Piers & Harbours, the Bailiff and Jersey Airways

Reference: D/AP/A/8

Date: 1938 - 1940

Photostat of petition signed by employees of Channel Islands Airways Ltd against the probability of being forced to move from the Island due to the incorporation of the Company in the British European Airways Corporation

Reference: D/AP/A/9

Date: August 16th 1946 - August 16th 1946

Correspondence re. arrangements for the visit of the Minister of Civil Aviation The Lord Ogmore and the Chairman and Members of the Air Transport Advisory Council and members of the Channel Islands Air Advisory Council; file also includes invitations, menus and seating plans

Reference: D/AP/A/10

Date: 1950 - 1951

Papers relating to the new playing fields near the airport as an alternative site to the ones at St Peter's Barracks, reference to the removal of a disused watermill tower, tender for new playing fields at Ninnim's Farm, St Peter by Ernest G Farley, drawing of area in question, agreement from the War Department for the States of Jersey to take possession of the Old Recreation Ground

Reference: D/AP/A/12

Date: December 31st 1934 - November 30th 1936

Estimated costs of the construction and upkeep of the airport at St Peter, includes correspondence with the Bailiff of Guernsey and States Engineers Office

Reference: D/AP/A/13

Date: November 14th 1934 - June 30th 1936

Correspondence regarding roads in the vacinity of the airport, including the provision of a new cart track from Water Lane to the property of Mr J Huelin

Reference: D/AP/A/14

Date: January 15th 1935 - June 30th 1938

Correspondence regarding obstruction lights, felling of trees, leasing of farms, purchase of land and compensation

Reference: D/AP/A/15

Date: January 18th 1935 - May 4th 1940

Copy letter from the Greffier of the States to the Crown Officers regarding extending the 'yellow zone' at St Peter's airport

Reference: D/AP/A/16

Date: October 26th 1936 - October 26th 1936

Correspondence regarding the Aliens Department at the airport (Clifford Orange, Chief Aliens Officer)

Reference: D/AP/A/17

Date: August 18th 1937 - October 15th 1937

Papers regarding aircraft distress organisation and reports about aircrafts in distress on 12 January 1938, 6 April and 25 April 1939

Reference: D/AP/A/18

Date: December 24th 1937 - April 22nd 1939

Statistics showing comparisons of airport dues between 1937 and 1940

Reference: D/AP/A/19

Date: March 11th 1937 - April 30th 1940

1. Report by Messrs. Norman and Dawbarn, consultant engineers, on estimates of cost of enlarging the landing ground and of additional buildings, aprons, site works and a new access road to the terminal area. 2. Report on the position relating to Jersey Aeronautical Telecommunications Services, July 1947 by John Butchard, Superintending Radio Engineer

Reference: D/AP/A/20

Date: 1947 - 1947

Report by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation to the President of the Harbours and Airport Committee regarding telecommunications and air traffic control at Jersey Airport. Report by J R Curry, Senior Air Traffic Control Officer to the President of the Harbours and Airport Committee. Report by B E Ritson, Chief Telecommunications Engineer to the States Greffier

Reference: D/AP/A/21

Date: August 18th 1959 - November 27th 1959

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