Photograph of the visit of the Minister of Civil Aviation The Lord Ogmore and the Chairman and Members of the Air Transport Advisory Council with members of the Channel Islands Air Advisory Council. 12 men in the group only Alexander Coutanche and Deputy W H Krichefski identified. (Not to be copied, copyright owned by the Jersey Evening Post)

Reference: D/AP/A/10/1

Date: July 17th 1951 - July 17th 1951

Correspondence between Royal Engineers, Clerk of Works, Greffier, Lieutenant Governor and the Committee for Coast Defence regarding the cost of repairs to arsenals and South Hill

Reference: D/AP/B/1

Date: February 25th 1845 - December 22nd 1845

Correspondence: Lieutenant-Governor, Committee for the Defence of the Island, Commander of the East Regiment, Commander of the North Regiment, Commander of the South-West District regarding maintenance of the arsenals, Inspection of the Ordnance equipment and percussion locks on firearms

Reference: D/AP/B/2

Date: January 3rd 1846 - November 3rd 1846

Correspondence: Lieutenant-Governor, Committee for the Defence of the Island, Colonel J Le Couteur regarding the replacement of the grassed parade ground of the South-West District with gravel

Reference: D/AP/B/3

Date: May 29th 1849 - May 31st 1849

Correspondence: Royal Engineers, Committee for the Defence of the Island, Commander of the South-West Regiment, Commander of the East Regiment regarding repairs to coastal batteries and arsenals, St Peter's Arsenal Annual Inspection of Artillery Equipment expenses

Reference: D/AP/B/4

Date: May 1st 1854 - November 28th 1854

Tenancy of the Arsenals

Reference: D/AP/B/13

Approval by the States of Jersey for actes of the Defence committee relating to various subjects including out of work donations, the demobilisation Employment Exchange signed by the States Greffier Ernest Le Sueur

Reference: D/AP/B/15

Date: August 17th 1914 - January 28th 1923

The De Havilland Tiger Moth brochure and price list

Reference: D/AP/B/16

Date: 1937 - 1937

Copy letter from Officer Commanding, Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey to the Lieutenant Governor regarding 'steps needed to be taken in anticipation of any requirements that the Royal Militia might be called upon to meet' in the event of War; enclosed with a copy letter from the Lieutenant Governor (H de C Martelli) to the Defence Committee with additional comments. Letter from Major General J Harrison to the President of the Piers and Harbours Committee regarding danger of attack on the harbours

Reference: D/AP/B/17

Date: October 13th 1938 - June 4th 1940

Defence Regulations - Fuel control correspondence re. heating glasshouses, the tomato crop, distribution of coal and solid fuel involving the Department of Agriculture, the Glass House Association and the Jersey Coal Traders Association

Reference: D/AP/B/18

Date: June 2nd 1945 - October 25th 1945

Greffier's copy of Bills of Quantities for Conversion of the Town Arsenal into proposed Fire Service Headquarters at Rouge Bouillon, St Helier. G C Law, States Engineer & W G Nixey, Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Jersey House Chambers, 62 King Street, St Helier and copy of Articles of Agreement bewteen the States Greffe and the contractor Messrs Charles Le Quesne

Reference: D/AP/B/19

Date: 1952 - 1952

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