Jersey British European Airways

Reference: D/AS/A6/6

Date: 1960 - 1969

Jersey British European Airways

Reference: D/AS/A6/7

Date: 1960 - 1969

Programme for La Semaine Francaise Jersey presented by the Committee of Tourism in association with the Folklore Group of the French Provinces held at People's Park, St Helier

Reference: D/AS/A7/1

Date: July 6th 1951 - July 6th 1951

Souvenir programme of the Annual Conference of the Royal Liver Society held in Jersey

Reference: D/AS/A7/2

Date: May 11th 1955 - May 18th 1955

Committee of Tourism visit of Scandinavian Travel Agents

Reference: D/AS/A7/3

Date: April 17th 1956 - April 18th 1956

An Island in the sun for your next conference

Reference: D/AS/A7/4

Date: 1950 - 1959

Programme for Jersey Holiday Queen Grand Ball

Reference: D/AS/A7/5

Date: April 25th 1970 - April 25th 1970

Programme for Jersey Tourism seminar

Reference: D/AS/A7/6

Date: March 17th 1971 - March 17th 1971

Jersey Conference Information

Reference: D/AS/A7/7

Date: 1970 - 1979

Programme for Jersey Good Food Festival Week

Reference: D/AS/A7/8

Date: May 11th 1986 - May 17th 1986

Jersey Good Food Festival award winners

Reference: D/AS/A7/9

Date: May 11th 1986 - May 17th 1986

Programme for Jersey Spring Festival

Reference: D/AS/A7/10

Date: May 3rd 1986 - May 25th 1986

Programme for 1st Festival France-Jersey

Reference: D/AS/A7/11

Date: June 21st 1986 - June 30th 1986

Holiday Events

Reference: D/AS/A3/4

Date: May 1st 1952 - May 31st 1952

Jersey 73 an accommondation guide printed in French

Reference: D/AS/A8/5

Date: 1973 - 1973

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