Aliens registration card of Elonora Strange, née Glatz born 30/01/1920 in Fohnsdorf, Austria. Nationality: Austrian, changed to German on 11/02/1939

Reference: D/S/B19/41

Date: February 19th 1936

Aliens registration card of Yvonne Spencer, née Le Gall born 15/06/1920 in Pleubian, Côtes du Nord, France. Nationality: French

Reference: D/S/B19/42

Date: June 2nd 1951

Aliens registration card of Jose de Sousa Viera born 02/03/1920 in Funchal, Madeira. Nationality: Portuguese

Reference: D/S/B19/43

Date: April 26th 1952

Aliens registration card of Cecile Marie Hello, née Jezequel born 15/02/1919 in Plougonver, Côtes du Nord, France. Nationality: French

Reference: D/S/B18/20

Date: January 14th 1935

Aliens registration card of Marie Francoise Grosvalet, born 16/1/1875 in Plaintel, Cotes du Nord, France. Nationality: French.

Reference: D/S/B1/1224

Date: December 1st 1928 - December 1st 1928

Aliens registration card of Pierre Hamel, born on 12/7/1870 in Beneville Normandie, France, Nationality: French

Reference: D/S/B1/1316

Date: July 12th 1870 - July 12th 1870

Aliens registration card of Jean Marie Hamon, born 20/07/1907 in St Martin, Jersey. Nationality: French by parentage

Reference: D/S/B6/27

Date: July 20th 1907 - July 20th 1907

Aliens registration card of Marie Philomene Hamon, born 08/04/1866 in le Harmoye, France. Nationality: French

Reference: D/S/B1/1330

Date: April 8th 1866 - April 8th 1866

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