Report entitled 'An Ecological Survey of Six Jersey Streams, with particular reference to plant and aquatic macroinvertebrate species' by T B Norman

Reference: D/W/G1/18

Date: October 1st 1990 - October 1st 1990

Report entitled 'Management studies on Les Landes: Studies on the Recolonisation of Tracks-1990 Results' by Penny Anderson and Peter Tattersfield on behalf of Penny Anderson Associates

Reference: D/W/G1/19

Date: May 1st 1991 - May 1st 1991

Report entitled 'Les Landes: The recovery of dwarf-shrub heath killed by salt' by Penny Anderson Associates

Reference: D/W/G1/20

Date: May 1st 1991 - May 1st 1991

Report entitled 'The Butterflies of Jersey: A Conservation Study' by Hannah Clarke

Reference: D/W/G1/21

Date: September 1st 1991 - September 1st 1991

Report entitled 'Habitat management of gorse for the dartford warbler on Jersey' by Mark Read

Reference: D/W/G1/22

Date: 1991 - 1991

Report entitled 'Green Audit of Jersey: A Review of Conservation Activities' by Jeremy Owen

Reference: D/W/G1/23

Date: September 1st 1992 - September 1st 1992

Report entitled 'Woodland Protection and Management in Jersey: A Critical Appraisal' by Lisa Weekes

Reference: D/W/G1/24

Date: 1994 - 1994

Report entitled 'Sandwich Placement Report' by Paul Blacklock

Reference: D/W/G1/25

Date: 1994 - 1994

Report entitled 'The Distribution and Abundance of Small Mammals, and their Predator-Prey Associations with the Barn Owl in Jersey, CI' by Louise Magris

Reference: D/W/G1/26

Date: January 1st 1994 - January 1st 1994

Report entitled 'Use of Les Mielles, Jersey: A Study of Current Land Management and Tourist Use of Les Mielles, with Management Recommendations' by Jessica Poole

Reference: D/W/G1/27

Date: October 1st 1994 - October 1st 1994

Report entitled 'An identification of key criteria for the sustainable development of Jersey's Coastal Zone' by Sarah Jewell

Reference: D/W/G1/28

Date: September 1st 1995 - September 1st 1995

Report entitled 'The Island of Jersey Development Plan: Section II-The Plan' submitted to the Island Development Committee

Reference: D/W/G1/29

Date: 1962 - 1962

Survey by Richard Knightbridge of Wetlands in Jersey

Reference: D/W/G1/31

Date: 1983 - 1983

Report entitled 'Presenting Jersey: A Plan for interpreting the Island' by the Centre for Environmental Interpretation, Manchester Polytechnic

Reference: D/W/G1/32

Date: June 1st 1991 - June 1st 1991

The Jersey Weather and Climatological Report 1995 published by the Meteorological Department, Jersey Airport

Reference: D/W/G1/33

Date: January 1st 1996 - January 1st 1996

The Jersey Weather and Climatological Report 1996 published by the Meteorological Department, Jersey Airport

Reference: D/W/G1/34

Date: January 10th 1997 - January 10th 1997

Report regarding the benefits of organic farming, presented to the States by the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee

Reference: D/W/G1/35

Date: September 24th 1996 - September 24th 1996

Planning report into the proposed New Portelet Hotel

Reference: D/W/G1/36

Date: January 1st 1991 - January 1st 1991

Report entitled 'Jersey into the Millenium: A Sustainable Future'

Reference: D/W/G1/37

Date: December 1st 2001 - December 1st 2001

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