States of Jersey Property Management Services Proposal, June 1991.

Reference: D/W/G2/8

Date: 1991-06 - 1991-06

States of Jersey Interim Property Audit Report, February 1993.

Reference: D/W/G2/9

Date: 1993-02 - 1993-02

States of Jersey Police Service Property Review, contains; information on the land and buildings that Police Service administer and occupy.

Reference: D/W/G2/10

Date: 1998 - 1998

Jersey Countryside Character Appraisal, Summary Document, contains results of the Countryside Character Appraisal of Jersey undertaken as part of the review of the Island Plan.

Reference: D/W/G1/51

Date: 1999-10 - 1999-10

Jersey Countryside Character Appraisal, Supplementary Report: Island-Wide Policies and Priorities, December 1998.

Reference: D/W/G1/52

Date: 1998-12 - 1998-12

St Ouen's Bay Planning Framework, Consultation Draft; produced by the Planning and Environment Committee to provide a robust planning policy and land management tool to guide the future development of St Ouen's Bay.

Reference: D/W/G1/54

Date: 1999-07 - 1999-07

Jersey Transportation Study, Technical Report, undertaken for the States of Jersey by the Engineering Section of the Department of Public Building and Works.

Reference: D/W/G2/11

Date: 1974-08 - 1974-08

Report and draft Press Release relating to the Jersey Gull Survey and control options for Herring Gulls.

Reference: D/W/G1/55

Date: 2000 - 2000

Report on St Helier Traffic Study, field survey and report made for the Public Works Committee of the States of Jersey by Freeman, Fox, Wilbur Smith and Associates, 1966.

Reference: D/W/G2/12

Date: 1965-08 - March 14th 1966

Rozel Conservation Study, August 1988, produced by the Island Development Committee.

Reference: D/W/G1/56

Date: 1988-08 - 1988-08

The Jersey Island Plan, 2002

Reference: D/W/G1/57

Date: 2002 - 2002

Final Report into the Urban Character Appraisal for St Helier, October 2005.

Reference: D/W/G1/58

Date: 2005-10 - 2005-10

St Helier Harbour Masterplan Study, contains; introduction, background, method of work, the existing harbour, the masterplan, detailed studies, financial appraisal, summary and appendix report.

Reference: D/W/G2/13

Date: 1977-03 - 1977-03

St Helier Harbour Masterplan Study, Appendix contains; introduction, summary of the proposed masterplan: stage 1, analysis of the harbour, five alternative solutions to the masterplan zoning strategy, masterplan stage 1: sequence of work and phasing and consultants reports.

Reference: D/W/G2/14

Date: 1977-03 - 1977-03

Jersey Island Plan Agricultural Survey, Technical Report, produced by Rural Planning Services, April 1983.

Reference: D/W/G1/59

Date: 1983-04 - 1983-04

Jersey Island Plan, Agricultural Survey, Geographical Survey, produced by Rural Planning Services, May 1983.

Reference: D/W/G1/60

Date: 1983-05 - 1983-05

Jersey Island Plan Agricultural Survey, Specific Issues Report, produced by Rural Planning Services, June 1983.

Reference: D/W/G1/61

Date: 1983-06 - 1983-06

Geographical Survey, produced by Rural Planning Services, November 1983.

Reference: D/W/G1/62

Date: 1983-11 - 1983-11

Geographical Survey, Supplementary Soils Investigation: St Mary, St John, Trinity, St Martin and St Brelade, produced by Rural Planning Services, November 1983.

Reference: D/W/G1/63

Date: 1983-11 - 1983-11

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