Copy from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland of the Act of Probate dated 15 October 1918 and Will and Testament of Philip G Ereaut, Burgeo, Department of Burgeo & La Poile, Newfoundland. Dated 9 March 1918. 3 papers; seal

Reference: D/Y/A/79/60

Date: May 30th 1919

Will and Testament of George William Hockey, living near Balmoral, Grand Vingtaine, St Peter. Dated 19 May 1919.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/62

Date: May 31st 1919 - May 31st 1919

Testament of Jane De Gruchy, 14 Vine Street, St Helier. Dated 8 November 1912. Desires to be buried in Mont-a-l'Abbé Cemetery. Codicil added 16 December 1914 Codicil added 15 July 1918 Codicil added 25 April 1919

Reference: D/Y/A/79/63

Date: June 2nd 1919 - June 2nd 1919

Will and Testament of Peter William Martin, St Brelade. Dated 7 June 1913. Bequeaths to Alice Jane Seal for life a house and piece of land called Le Clos dessuou La Ville, et La Buttiere, St Brelade on the Fief de Noirmont.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/64

Date: June 10th 1919 - June 10th 1919

Testament of Jane Laurens, 71 Great Union Road, St Helier, widow of Edouard Renouf. Dated 30 May 1914.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/66

Date: 11Jun 1919 - 11Jun 1919

Testament of Charles Walter Randall, 40 Bath Street, St Helier. Dated 15 January 1908. Codicil added 27 January 1919

Reference: D/Y/A/79/67

Date: 11Jun 1919 - 11Jun 1919

Will and Testament of John Cory, Oakdene, Clarendon Road. Dated 16 November 1908. Bequeaths to John Clye all theological religious books; to the Royal Crescent Trust Estate £100; to the BenevolentSociety in connection with the local United Methodist Church £100; to the Great Union Road School and Athletics Club £10. Codicil added 14 January 1909

Reference: D/Y/A/79/68

Date: June 12th 1919 - June 12th 1919

Testament of Elie Pooch, St Saviour. Dated 1 April 1910. Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour £1.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/69

Date: June 12th 1919 - June 12th 1919

Testament of Charles George Bowles, Maitland, St Clement. Dated 25 March 1919.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/70

Date: June 12th 1919 - June 12th 1919

Testament of Henrietta Maria Eckford née King, Montague House, Owls Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth. Dated 11 July 1913. Desires to be buried in St Saviour's cemetery.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/71

Date: June 25th 1919 - June 25th 1919

Testament of Mary Elizabeth Guilliard, Landscape Grove, Mont Cochon, St Helier, widow of Frederick Thomas Lowe Waldron. Dated 2 April 1918.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/72

Date: June 26th 1919 - June 26th 1919

Two copies of the Will and Testament of Clarence Durell Nicolle, Private. Dated 16 February 1918.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/73

Date: June 27th 1919 - June 27th 1919

Testament of John Le Sueur, St Helier. Dated 7 June 1910.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/74

Date: June 30th 1919 - June 30th 1919

Will and Testament of Philippe Bisson, St John. Dated 11 July 1918. Bequeaths to Helène Baudains a piece of land called Les Longues Champs situated at Mourier, St John on the Fief de Lulague, dit Le Mourier, and a piece of land in the Neuf Clos, the Le Clos de L'Eve ou de Laurent, Le Clos de Derriere, and the Le Clos de la Cave situated at Coins Varin, St Peter in the Fief de Roi for life.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/75

Date: June 30th 1919 - June 30th 1919

Testament of Alexander Bertram Cain, Rocquaine, Havre des Pas, St Helier. Dated 27 February 1912.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/76

Date: July 8th 1919 - July 8th 1919

Will and Testament of George Mauger Luce, St John. Dated 10 September 1909.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/77

Date: July 12th 1919 - July 12th 1919

Papers relating to the appointment of a new executor to the Will of William Jones after the death of the previous executor.

Reference: D/Y/A/79/78

Date: July 12th 1919 - July 12th 1919

Will and Testament of John Godfray, St Saviour. Dated 17 December 1912. After the life enjoyment of his wife, bequeaths his real estate as follows: to Francis Godfray 1 Royal Villas, St Saviour, Fief of Granville, and 1 Normandy Cottages, bordered on the east by Albert Street, St Helier, Fief es Debennaires; to Alice Elizabeth Godfray 2 Royal Villas and 2 Normandy Cottages; to Emma Minton Godfray 2 Lucknow Villas bordered on the north by Dunell Road, St Saviour, Fief of Granville, and 3 Normandy Cottages; to Ruth Godfray Devonshire Villa bordered on the west by Almorah Road and on the east by Upper Midvale Road, St Helier, Fief de Meleches. Codicil added 24 June 1919

Reference: D/Y/A/79/79

Date: July 18th 1919 - July 18th 1919

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