Minute book of the Ecclesiastical Assembly of St Clement

Reference: G/C/07/B/1

Date: June 12th 1822 - February 28th 1882

Minute book of Parochial Annual Meetings

Reference: G/C/07/C/1

Date: April 21st 1933 - April 28th 1957

Copy of an Act of the Ecclesiastical Assembly authorising the purchase of property for a new cemetery

Reference: G/C/07/E/1

Date: May 12th 1905 - May 12th 1905

Bail et Vente between John William Aubin of the first party and the Reverend Charles Walter Balleine, Rector of St Clement, Charles John Benest, Constable of St Clement, Albert Philippe Le Jeune and George Philippe Crill, Procureurs du Bien Public of St Clement, and John Le Gresley and Henry Paul L'Amy, surveillans of St Clement. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of a becquet of land bordered on the west by Grand Clos du Prioré and on the east by St Clement's Cemetery, St Clement, Fief du Prieur for the sum of £400 sterling.

Reference: G/C/07/E/2

Date: June 3rd 1905 - June 3rd 1905

Copy of the consecration of the new cemetery at St Clement by Herbert Edward, Bishop of Winchester, includes a copy of the petition from the parishioners of St Clement requesting the consecration of the cemetery

Reference: G/C/07/E/3

Date: July 18th 1907 - July 18th 1907

List of burial plots and owners in the new cemetery at St Clement - not dated

Reference: G/C/07/E/4

Date: 1905 - 1920

List of burial plots in the cemetery at St Clement, includes; plot number, name of owner, and persons buried

Reference: G/C/07/E/5

Date: 1900 - 1955

List of burial plots in the cemetery at St Clement, includes; plot number, name of owner, persons buried and name of undertaker 19/05/1949 - 21/05/1958, Notes on the Parish Terrier - not dated and Wages Account of the grave diggers of St Clement, 27/05/1949 - 03/05/1957

Reference: G/C/07/E/6

Date: May 19th 1949 - May 21st 1958

Accounts of burials in St Clement's Cemetery, includes; date of funeral, person buried and cost

Reference: G/C/07/E/7

Date: May 14th 1958 - November 7th 1978

Account of St Clement's Sunday School, Reverend C W Balleine, Trustee with Midland Bank Limited

Reference: G/C/07/G/1

Date: November 18th 1926 - January 4th 1933

St Clement's Parochial School cash book, includes papers relating to grants from the States of Jersey, and the statement of accounts for 01/11/1912 - 31/01/1913

Reference: G/C/07/H/1

Date: October 15th 1902 - February 10th 1913

Copies of contracts from the public registry concerning St Clement's Church property and payments of rentes to the parish of St Clement

Reference: G/C/07/F/1

Date: 1650 - 1682

List of transactions of the parish of St Clement

Reference: G/C/07/F/2

Date: December 10th 1719 - September 29th 1849

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